Ghost Recon Breakpoint Revealed


The new Operation Oracle content for Ghost Recon Wildlands dropped at the end of last week, and thanks to a free weekend everyone had a chance to get their Tom Clancy fix. A curious easter egg in the new content fuelled rumours of an imminent Clancy related announcement. Ubisoft has now confirmed the theory.

This delisted YouTube video, only available in the US, is the end of a breadcrumb trail that started with an in-game poster. That poster invited players to attend a conference for Skell Technology, the company behind this video. The time and date for the conference? May 9th, 2019, at 11:30am Pacific.

Ubisoft has now officially confirmed that the reveal will be for a new Ghost Recon title, via an official site for Skell. The company appears to specialise in state-of-the-art robotics, but the headline on that page is a big Ghost Recon logo and a confirmation of the above date and time. Some of the images scrolling in the background seem to suggest the company is also involved in renewable energy and some sort of cell coverage, but it’s difficult to say for sure.

There has been no official or leaked information about a release schedule, but a March 2020 launch makes sense — it would be the three-year anniversary of Wildlands, plus it would fill the gap in Ubisoft’s schedule between the rumoured Watch Dogs 3 later this year and the inevitable Assassin’s Creed expected in late 2020.

You can watch the stream on May 9th with us right here, when it goes live:

Credit to PCGamesN for hunting down the clues.

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Nice. Hadn’t heard about this at all.
Be interested to see if they stick to the same formula as GRW or try to do something different.


If Ubisoft is known for anything, it’s leaking games on airplanes. But when they’re not doing that, they’re developing series that have captured the love of fans everywhere. Ghost Recon is one such series, and the latest game, Wildlands, was an unqualified success. Fans have been speculating quietly about what’s next in the series, and it seems Ubisoft is looking to return to its roots as the latest game has recently leaked on Ubisoft’s official store.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint , they call it. So what’s it about? Frankly, we don’t know beyond the official teases from yesterday. The listing has already been pulled from its official source so all we’re left with is speculation and an interesting Reddit post. That post leaked the game before Ubisoft did, so it’s possible there’s some truth to it. Buyer beware and all, but here it is in full:

Hi guys, new Ghost Recon is coming are you excited?

It’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, seems to be a story driven 4 player experience against Cole D. Walker(gone rogue) and his army of mostly weaponized drones. Is coming out on October 4th this year, PC PS4 and XBOX.

No news about the multiplayer yet, but there will be a deluxe edition called “Wolves”.

There will be gameplay reveal too but flaired as “alpha footage” so I guess nothing final. It’s showing a sequence in quite nice jungle, with mud mechanics, then to clearing an outpost.

So far it seems the game will be fun, what do you think?

Cheers, Brushie

PS. Sorry, no screenshots this time :confused:

Who’s Brushie? That’s unclear too, but he got at least part of the game right and everything so far seems reasonable. The game is definitely real in any event, and that means we’re likely to hear all about during tomorrow’s livestream


Ubisoft has officially revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a follow-up to Ghost Recon Wildlands and seeming to continue on from the latter’s latest story expansion — Operation Oracle.

On an isolated pacific island called Auroa, Jace Skells of Skell Technology claim to be creating swarms of drones for our own surveillance and safety, but it soon transpires that the drones are being used to take out political figures and wage war. The Recon team are sent in to see what is going on; but plan goes awry, and the player, call-sign Nomad, is left to try and survive. Unlike most Ghost Recon titles, you are no longer the hunter — you are the hunted, appropriately by a group called the Wolves.

After an explanatory trailer, viewers were treated to gameplay footage — though it was marked as Alpha, so we have to take what we see with a pinch of salt. We see Nomad limping desperately through a sweaty jungle as he is hunted by the Wolves. After patching himself up, Nomad has to sneak past hostile drones while attempting to meet up with his allies. Nomad covers himself in mud to evade detection, before taking out a group of enemies and finally meeting up with his team. The next section shows off multiplayer, with viewpoints flipping between Nomad, a sniper and two recon agents in a high tech sand buggy as they infiltrate a compound. We see Nomad making use of a blowtorch to quietly break through the perimeter and use his own drone to survey the area.

The team stalk through a fancy set of Skell residences — complete with ridiculously detailed and reactive grass as the bad guys are gradually taken out. The team deploy explosives to draw out the opposition; we see some tight gunplay and tense close-quarters combat. Nomad tries to make sense of some bizarre technology in the room being guarded. Unfortunately a team member takes a shot from a powerful vehicle-mounted weapon; luckily, his team-mate throws up a shield and drags him to safety before reviving him. The team reach their target — someone we assume to be a senior researcher for Skell — and makes a run for it as the Wolves arrive. Then we see a big montage of action from the rest of the game, including some dazzling sights and a whole lot of gruesome up-close dirty fighting. You can see that gameplay below:

Players will have to deal with natural camouflage and serious injuries that can affect gameplay. Apparently there will be four classes to choose from “at launch”, suggesting more to come later on. Based on player feedback, Ubisoft have focused on enemy AI; opponents are more likely to work as a group to hunt you down. Players will have more customisation options with a finer level of detail.

PvP will be part of the game at launch, and you will keep your same customisable character across the whole experience, whether you are in solo, co-op or competitive mode.

Every four months after launch there will be a new episode of content, including a first for the Ghost Recon series - a Raid. We saw a small teaser of this during the stream, but we’ll likely have to wait until E3 to see more.

Finally, Ubisoft dropped the official announcement trailer, which you can see below, which ends with the big reveal — the main enemy is Cole Walker, a major character in Operation Oracle played by The Punisher himself Jon Bernthal.

You can already pre-order the game from Amazon UK, and we expect other retails to show their wares shortly. You can register for the game’s beta on the official site. You could fork out for the Wolves limited edition, including a Year One pass and three days of early play along with the usual physical trinkets. Check it out below:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out on October 4th on Xbox One.

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Looking forward to it !!!