Ghost of Tsushima

Anyone else pick up Ghost of Tsushima for the PS4 earlier this weekend? Given that I just about finished the DLC for HZD, I had a void for an open world game that needed filling. I also have always loved the mythos behind the samurai, so after watching my sons stream for a bit, I picked it up late yesterday.

It’s good. Really good so far. Easily one of the prettiest games to date hands down (beyond HZD). It’s big, or at least feels that way given how little I’ve uncovered so far. And then there is the combat. Sucker Punch nailed this part of it. You really get the feel of being a samurai as you dance and slice though the enemy Mongols.

If you dig these types of games, it’s well worth a look. It may not be groundbreaking but it does take what is good in the genre and nails all the parts … least from what I’ve seen.

Hell. YES.

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Anyone going to be playing this tonight? Soulterror8 is my PSN @PS4Players

I played a bit today. It’s very good.