Getting Arrested Was Only The Start Of This Twitch Streamer's Problems

Twitch streamer Mr_13ig’s rowdy look at NewZ earned him a late-night visit from Washington state law enforcement, and things only went downhill from there.

Mr_13ig, also known as Big, had his livestream of NewZ interrupted when a police offer appeared at his door due to a noise complaint. The livestream kept filming, however, catching his entire interaction with the responding officer. That interaction ended up being quite long – Big repeatedly objected to the officer’s request to give him his name and date of birth, but did offer up a variety of other thoughts, including his neighbor’s alleged crimes, his opinion of Alienware computers (not a fan), and the livestream itself. Eventually, the officer arrested Big, leaving the door to his apartment unlocked.

Turns out Big’s concerns about his fellow apartment dwellers were correct, however, as minutes after being taken away by police, his neighbor can be seen entering the apartment and stealing a number of items – including Big’s shoes. Like Big’s argument with police, the robbery was streamed live to his viewers, prompting a few good Samaritans to call the cops…again.

Big has uploaded an excerpted video of the stream to YouTube, which you can watch below.

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Not sure that wtf he was thinking. Stirring up shit with a cop isn’t wisest thing to do.


Must inject all the pots

“Yes Officer” or “No Officer”.

Anything other than that and you’re begging for a world of problems.

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If he didn’t want to deal with the officer, he didn’t have to open the door. He was in the officer’s world once he opened the door.

Really, you have to be a dumbass to get arrested for a noise complaint. I get he’s standing up for his rights and I think Officers over step our rights at times. I’m just thinking this wasn’t worth the arrest or hassle.

Maybe he was putting on a show for his viewers? Seems a bit over dramatic for a noise complaint.


Yea dumb ass for many reason.

So funny that the neighbor that called the cops on him went into his house and stole his shit on stream. Karma is a bitch. He ended up in more trouble than the streamer.

I assume this took place in a state that has legal weed. If a cop came to my door and I told him I smoked da pots I would just be making things worse.

Also found it funny the cop gives him a hard time for being a gamer yet says “Is that an alienware pc?”

This guy is brave. I respect him for standing up for his rights but in reality look at the shit he put himself through. Now if he wants to turn around and sue the city and get actual compensation for his time then I’d say go for it. But all that to stand up for your rights which get trampled on anyway seems like a waste of time to me. I would have just given him my name since I have nothing to hide. While their running my name I’d go back to my computer and keep doing whatever I’m doing and just go from there.