Gears Forever: Check Out the New Gears 5 Launch Trailer

The Coalition have just released a Launch Trailer for Gears 5, just six days before its release on September 10th.

“Get ready for war and experience the biggest Gears yet! Featuring 5 killer modes and the biggest Gears campaign yet”! The trailer features snippets of the 5 modes: Campaign, Versus, Escape, Horde and Map Builder. It also shows further glimpses of the Terminator Dark Fate and Halo: Reach inclusions, along with a shot of Dave Batista, who’ll be unlockable in the game from September 15th through to October 28th.

Since I took advantage of the Game pass deal I will definitely be playing this. The Campaigns in this series are always fun to play.

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I will be on it also. Friday night with Destroyer if anyone wants to join up and get a start on the campaign. Maybe run a horde or escape game or two.

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If you got in on the Game Pass deal (or just have Game Pass) remember - you get the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5. I downloaded it last night, having never played any Gears game before and will be trying it out (at least until new Destiny/CoD comes out).