Gears 5 Operation 1 Character Drop Adds COG Gear, General Raam, Deebee and Warden

Gears 5 has received its first round of DLC characters in the Operation 1 Update. Four new characters have been added including COG Gear and Deebee for the heroes and Warden and General Raam on the villain side.

The new characters have special abilities that can be used across different game modes. COG Gear in PVE is classed as a Support character who can instantly revive downed allies, and in Arcade COG Gear has a passive ability called Bullets For Blood where players will receive active reload ammo for kills. General Raam’s abilities and loadout in Arcade mirror COG Gear’s. Warden and Deebee both share the same passive ability in Arcade, which is X-Ray — players can see nearby enemies through walls.

There are two ways you can earn the new characters. One is by griding and earning them through the new Totems system or by skipping the grind and forking over 500 Iron.

To earn a character through Totems, you’ll need to spend 100 Scrap to craft the Totem of the character you want to unlock. You will then have to complete five objectives to unlock that character. The first four objectives are the same for each character, with the fifth being a unique objective. Only one Totem can be active at a time, and The Coalition estimated that it should take around 10 hours to complete all five objectives per character. The objectives are listed below.


  • XP: Earn 60,000 XP in Versus, Horde or Escape
  • Versus: Complete 40 Rounds of Versus
  • Horde: Survive 50 Waves of Horde (does not need to be in one match) – any difficulty
  • Escape: Survive 18 Acts of Escape – any difficulty

Unique Objectives

  • COG Gear: Get 200 assists as a COG Team character in Versus, Horde or Escape
  • DeeBee: Get 100 Reject kills in Horde or Escape
  • Warden: Eliminate 10 Wardens in Horde or Escape
  • General RAAM: Execute 30 COG characters as a Swarm character