Gears 5 Horde Night 9/26/19

Join the Grim Reaper Gamers for a night of Gears of War 5 Horde mode. Let’s curb stomp and chainsaw our enemies all night long!

This event is for Thursday, September the 26th.

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I will be on for this.

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Sounds good. I guess I really should buy the game before posting…

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Probably lol

Anyone else jumping in or am I gonna have to deal with Grex alone lol

shhh…it could just be you and me breathing heavily into the mic.

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Oh man I didnt think about that, dont worry I’ll play without pants tonight

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Only if your mic works!

I am in and Destroyer will be also. Ran it last night with Grex and finished it. Wiped once on the final round.

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I’m in, what time are you guys starting?

Also can I get added to gowplayers <3

Had an awesome run last night with @Grex, @khaprel, @Sniper_T1, and @Destroyert1. We made it all 50 rounds with only a couple deaths on a pain in the ass map. Well done guys see you next time when we do master rank lol

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Go here. and just pick the groups you want to be in.

Good times. It is a great game mode with a full squad.

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