Gears 4 co-op campaign/horde

I know there’s only a couple people with the game here. Anyone interested in grouping up for some campaign or horde mode Sunday morning? Hit me up here or send me a message on xbl Cptnkillr is the gt.

Yeah, I’d be down to try some horde Sunday morning.

@Jtheism I’m online. Hit me up if you wanna play

I know it’s way past Sunday morning, but I’m down for Horde or campaign anytime. Just hit me up on XBL.

GT: Guts Godhand

Well that makes 3… we tried a few times with randos… we made it to level 30. It’s pretty tough I’m not gonna lie. Would take a full team of 5 to get past that.

Got up to wave 37 with randoms Sunday night. Two dropped and then the three of us that were remaining got to 38. I can see classes matter, and saving your power till later is a good idea.

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Yeah we were screwed when our only engineer quit. Soldier seems to fit my likings but I can do engineer

Once the game is actually out for everyone I’m sure it’ll be easier

Engineer is definitely a must. Scout seems like it would be too since they get more for power pickups. But then you need to be coordinated enough to know to let them pick up the power and not have everyone else doing it too.

See I had no idea about the scout thing. If they didn’t have a shitty weapon loadout (my opinion) I would pick em.

Yeah, I also read that weapons lockers are actually really good, but you have to actually use them. One guy I read said he got in a game with some guys that must have been a group. All they built was a few barricades and a shitload of weapons lockers. Anytime they downed a guardian or something with a big weapon they lockered them. Then they would all unleash hell on following waves. Apparently made it thru all 50 waves with maybe one wipe. Not sure that seems all that fun, but interesting nonetheless.

Seems like a solid plan. Considering the weapons that fall disappeared when the next wave started.

Yeah I didn’t even consider you’d be able to stow those types of weapons.

I’m up for some Horde tonight if you guys are game.

I got Gears4 last night. Anyone wanna co-op story mode? @GoWPlayers

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We have a horde event scheduled for Thursday night this week and your more than welcome to join in on that one. I’ll be on the PS4 tonight.

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Ill coop story mode with you. Let me know a good night.

Cool. Maybe Friday or over the weekend.

Sounds good

@Gatsu I can’t find your xbox gamertag, xbox says it doesn’t exist.

Look for GutsGodhand