Garden of Salvation XBOX Raid 9pm Saturday 10/12

We are back at it with a beautiful new Vex raid being compared to the Vault of glass.

  • The Raid is 940…no one in GRG is 940 yet. (be 920 please)
  • Please educate yourself (Youtube etc.) the more you know the better it is for the group (I will post a couple vids too)
  • Signed up ppl gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • If we have more than one team running i will try to balance the teams but keep ppl together that want to run together (think @Sniper_T1 and @destroyer) I will fail please don’t yell at me, it will hurt my feelings
  • Our goal to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and having a good time.

please reply to this thread with your interest

I’ll totally run with you at 750 :crazy_face:

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I’m 909 but if i can get 920 I’m down

I’m in

I’m down to run the raid saturday. I’m currently at 933 but should be higher by Saturday night.

I’ll do my best to get high enough to join in on this one

Count me in…

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I’m in…as long as OU beats the shit out of Texas

I’m in

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Im down. 922 right now. Im sure I’ll be higher by then.

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I don’t think my light will be high enough this week but hopefully next week it will be. I should be around though if anyone wants to team up and run something.

I am in, 926, holler if you have a slot, I will be on.

I’m bout it dawg. Sign me the fuck up!

I’ll get working on my power level now. I hit 900 and said fuck it and started playing apex, lmao.

Figuratively “higher”, right? :thinking:

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I’m 907 I think. I’ll see what I can do to get to 920. Count me in. :cupcake::+1:t2:

9 eastern?

@Cupc4keCh4os yes all times are expressed in Eastern time … since @Lala_Calamari @grex and i are eastern time…:man_shrugging:

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