GameStop Buyout Could Happen as Soon as February


This along with the disc-less xbox in development mean that the the end is near…fairly soon @Gunny will not have any disks to break


Surprised they lasted this long. They have not changed their business model to adapt to the changing landscape. They sell a ton of other gamer paraphernalia but still focus on the disc.


I def like nerd stores…comic books and game stores have been my go to…maybe they rebrand to more of that kind of store…and f discs…they are dinosaurs


I can find something else to break!! and FTR it only happened once!!!


I still like having disks for some games. That way I can trade them in towards other stuff.


Discless Xbox could very well spell the end for GameStop. I hope not as I still visit local GameStop’s on a regular basis. I enjoy buying used games.


Agreed, the business model should have changed years ago. Wish the trade in value was a bit more. Always ticked me off to buy a new, $60 game, get $35 or $45 for it a few days later and see that same game sell for $55.


Never bought a used game for 55 out of spite. I’ll blow the extra 5 to cut their profits. I always hated that.


Well, I just got Zelda for my Switch on the weekend for $45…Regular 79, Used it was 65, with my mebership it was 55 and I had a thing for an extra 15% off. When I buy Hard copies, I get 80% used.