Games for gold conan exiles

Conan exiles is free this month on the playstation store @ps4 players. Its a pretty good survival/builder sandbox with a clan system. If anyone wants to pick it up (cause its free whats better than free) i would be interested in starting a server


Just downloaded it the other day. Played a tiny bit on PC but not much, it’s probably evolved a whole bunch since too.
I’m around Mon-Fri next week.

If it has evolved like the PC version then there are a shit load of additions, changes, etc. I have been playing once or twice a week for the past month or two.

Its been awhile since i played it last but i know they added the pet system other than that idk what else theyve added

We’ll halfto get a group going on a server i havent played with someone yet so im kinda excited to cause ive only played with admin settings

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Can you do a night this week for Conan? I am thinking Wednesday or Thursday maybe?

@PS4Players, anyone else is welcome too.

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Wensday is good for me and thursday is also good for me. Either or ill be on both days


Let’s try tomorrow then, see how it goes. We can always make a regular event if we enjoy it.

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If we get enough hype for conan exiles ill look into renting a server but i dont want to quite yet better to see how many want to be active with the gane before doing something like renting a server

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I am just throwing this out there as someone that has 250 hours in game and has rented a server on PC.

If you find the default settings to be a major time suck and it ruins the game for you think about getting the private server. You can make it less of a grind to build things so you can move on to the meat and potatoes of the game. I have seen “the grind” turn people off only for them to try again on a private server with increased rates and end up loving it.

The beginning level stuff is not bad but once you try to go to the next tier of buildings it’s gets pretty bad.


There is an update available (1.37) as of today.
5.7 GB …

We both played on an official PvE server for a few hours.
Went exploring, died, then setup a small hut on a small island near the start.

I’ll have to double check the server name and our map grid location when I next logon.

We have setup a clan too but it’s all quite rudimentary and mostly seems to just let us build together. Think we have to be stood in front of each other to do that too.

Server is:
Official server #3512 PvE -

I would select PvE, search for the server by “3512” and then favourite it.
We are around F/G 3/4. I’ll be more specific when I can next login (server is currently full).


Yes i jist havent had the time to get around to playing it. im free the whole weekend maybe we can set up a time for this weekend?

Sounds good what day you want to shoot for?

I’ll be around from w/c 29 April.
Still like to play but less interested if no one else is around.


I’ve tried and I recommended this game.
First I’ve tried because of name (I was fan of Path of Exile and I like Conan The Adventurer animation).
A lot of fun