Gamers surprise!


Paycheck was good yesterday so I figured I’d surprise @DarkNiteRaven with a few games he’s been wanting! Cant wait for him to see them at lunch in 20!


This is love.


Beyond love. Now i gotta move files around for more room! Thanks @DarkNiteStar1022


Having a gaming SO is amazing. Good for you two!


Lucky you. My wife is AngelOfLight T1 but she only plays puzzle type games. She tried the FPS but just couldn’t get into it.


I enjoy all different kinds of games but dont really get to play as much as I’d like to.


Really awesome @DarkNiteStar1022

Get that BOps 4 loaded @DarkNiteRaven and lets get some Blackout squads going!


Game is loaded. Now for the update files…moved almost 200GB of files to the external harddrive.

Correction…20 hour download for files…Fuuuuuuuuu At&t!!!

Second correction…checked on it this morning and it jumped up to 61 hours…stupid internet!


Close all other apps/games out and put console into power saving mode (with downloads on in said mode).


Done that. At lunch time 12 am CST it showed 8 hours. So maybe before i get off work I hope.


Finally the download is done! Grrr it took forever but got done yesterday before I got off work but couldnt check it out due to 16 call outs all day. Finally got home at 8:30 pm to spend time with @DarkNiteStar1022