Game Videos On The GRG YouTube Page

There was a post about requesting videos before, so I’m going update. We have some games coming out this summer, and even before, and will be doing some recruiting. Sending them to the YouTube Page to view what we’re all about is a great tool for doing so. We’re just lacking gameplay vids, and Xbox has a simple and easy tool to create, edit and upload videos to YouTube on your own channel which can be used on the GRG page.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use it. It’s really easy and user friendly

Record game clips, make a montage or just make quick clips of our shenanigans and submit them if you think they could/should be used to promote our community.

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I just sat down and created, edited and uploaded this to YouTube in under 10 minutes all through the Xbox. It’s nothing special but it shows how quickly it can be done. You can get fancy and add effects, music, voice over and much more.

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I made this in AE this morning. If you edit outside of Upload Studio feel free to use it.

You can download it here. It is a little over 1 GB FYI.

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This is a super cool intro. Looks like you got AE down pretty good.