Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


Final season premier is confirmed for April 14th.



You don’t have to read French to know what that means. Just in case, what the OCSTV representative said is that, according to what HBO last told them, the first two episodes of season eight will be an hour long , which is par for the course for Game of Thrones in terms of long-ish episodes… while the final four episodes will be about 80 minutes —as long as the longest episodes yet, last season’s finale, The Dragon and the Wolf .

Obviously, these are not official running times. In the coming months, as HBO adds the final episodes to their online schedule, we’ll learn their actual length, but in the meantime these are the closest approximations we’ve gotten yet. Though I’m sure final edits will result in changes, and the OCSTV rep was giving us round numbers anyway, not exact figures, if they hold more or less true it means the final season will be as long as season seven, at 7 hours 20 minutes , despite that one comprising seven episodes instead of six, amongst which were the two longest yet in Game of Thrones


The guy that plays Jon Snow made a remark that each episode was like filming a movie, so I’m only surprised that the first two may be the standard one hour episodes.


Good! They already shorted the number of epi’s so longer is good