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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


its an undead wyvern


New season starts in December or something, right?


@Claude505 - I’ve read that, based on the time between starting to shoot and when first episode airs for last two seasons, we’re looking sometime mid-summer 2018.


Still hoping that’s a lie.


I thought we had to wait like two years



Just finished “The Door” on my re-watch. I’ve never felt so nervous watching TV as I did in leading up to those last few scenes. And then I looked like MJ.



We all know the White Walkers will win and this will be the true ending.





AH I can hardly get myself to look at these. I am not sure I can handle guessing and waiting until 2019. HBO your killing me. Im hoping if I remain in denial the time will pass more quickly


It was just announced today that it will be 2020.


‘Game of Thrones’: HBO President Reveals the Earliest We’ll See Those Spinoffs

While Game of Thrones fans finally got confirmation that the final season of the HBO series won’t be airing until next year, there’s reason to take heart. This may be the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, but the Game of Thrones universe is set to continue with at least one spinoff series. Indeed, we learned a while ago that HBO had begun work developing five separate Game of Thrones spinoff shows, some of which are prequels, some of which are spinoffs, and some of which are based directly on material from author George R.R. Martin. But when, exactly, will we see these Game of Thrones spinoffs? Well, in true Thrones fashion, you’re gonna have to wait.

Speaking at the TCA’s yesterday to THR, HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed that there are no plans to drop a Game of Thrones spinoff close to the debut date of Game of Thrones Season 8—the earliest we’ll see one of these new series is 2020:

“There are five of them. If we do a pilot and series, nothing is going to air on HBO until at least a year after the final season. We’re not doing a final season and then, ‘Following it at 11 p.m. … .’ I’ve seen some exciting material. We have really great writers working on these; it’s very exciting. But there’s no timetable. Not everybody is on the same schedule, so I’ve seen different versions of different things that are potentially exciting. But there’s no timetable about when a decision would be made about any of them."

This is a smart move by HBO. It ensures that subscribers will have to come back the following year for more Game of Thrones content, and will hopefully stick around to check out whatever other material HBO has on tap to air in the wake of Game of Thrones’ swan song.

Martin is co-writing at least two of the Game of Thrones spinoffs currently in the works, and the writers that have been announced as developing these separate projects are Jane Goldman (Kingsman, Stardust), Max Borenstein (Godzilla), Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential), Carly Wray (Mad Men), and Bryan Cogman, who’s been writing on Game of Thrones since the first season. Game of Thrones showrunners/creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are not involved in these spinoffs.

But while the first spinoff won’t air until 2020, we’ll likely get some clarity on which one (or two, or three) gets the greenlight before then. These are big shows that take a long time to make, so the odds are pretty good that once the final season of Game of Thrones is airing, the first spinoff may already be in production.

We’ll find out in due time, but for now check out our own suggestions for what stories these spinoffs should tell right here.



How would people feel if this is how Game Of Thrones ended?


Lol, at least we wouldn’t have to wait anymore!!!


It’ll probably just be Bob Newhart waking up from another dream.