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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


we dont know that

i would assume it makes sense to take his face


I was thinking that eventually, she’ll be little finger to kill off cercei


But she’s not gonna kill her. She’s either gonna get caught/killed or someone (Jamie) is gonna beat her to it.


I still think the baby will kill her during Child Birth and then Jaime will have defacto killed her and satisfied the Valenqar prophecy.


My theory I brought up on the cast last night is Jamie comes back as a walker and kills her.


No way, that’s too TWD’ish. She’s gonna start to become more of a cunt and he’s gonna strangle the bitch to death.


How can she be more of a cunt. She’s the most despicable person ever already.


I meant towards her fuck buddy, Jamie.



Ouch! :joy:


LOL love this above

I don’t know it only seems fair a Stark or supposed Stark gets to kill Cersei is some great fashion
Id like to see a dragon bite her head off in one clean sweep that would be fun. Decapitation would seem appropriate. So if we get another Targaryen baby do we get another dragon???

Im sure Arya got Littlefingers face and he/she will make a reincarnation in next season and we will find out what other horrible things he contrived.


My favorite thing about the Littlefinger scene was when Baelish looked at his captain and was all like take me back to the eyrie and Yohn Royce was all fuck you little peen.


The fact you know his name proves how much of a nerd you really are.


fuck you little peen



I want to know how an undead Dragon can breathe icey fire for that long to take down a wall that thick. Also, is it blue flame, or ice it’s breathing? If it’s Ice, wouldn’t it add to the wall? If it’s fire, what kind of fire stays blue when exposed to oxygen.


Magic… I mean they are dead and all, they don’t need to follow the “rules”



This. Magic fire.

Seriously, you’re trying to rationalize blue fire from an undead dragon…


I’m a very rational person