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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


you have a braid?

must be somewhere not easily seen

be carful when tugging it in public



I don’t trust Arby’s not to fuck up roast beef, and that’s their specialty. Anyone getting that thing will be shitting up a storm in no time the likes of which even Sam didn’t see in the Citadel!


Def a little slow tonight but good bye littlefinger! Ya fooking cunt!

Edit… Arya and Sansa Suprised me…ina good way!


Ditto - lead up to end of Littlefinger was great. Almost thought they were really going to go cat fight.

Almost thought Jamie was going to take out Cercie after taking out the Mountain. Wonder how that’ll happen next season (now sure it’ll be Jamie killing her where he’s turned back on Lannister name).

All in all nice end of season, and will look forward to ending it with next season.


Called Littlefinger before the show started to a friend of mine. Just seemed like they were really digging hard and when Arya gave the dagger to Sansa that sealed it for me.

Awesome dialogue with Bronn and Jamie early on and since I am on my phone someone cue up John Cougar when the walls come crumblin down.


And good for Jon and Dany, getting it on Lannister style!


Gonna be a long break…


Unbelievably long break. Not pleased.


Finally Littlefinger revealed. Wondered when the little brother Stark was gonna do something. Yes I guess every future king or queen will be all royal blood line. Lannister style LOL

Cersie and Euron now theres an evil pair !

Yes it will be a very long break



Lucky Kit. He got to be the sperm donor for a lesbian couple.


Don’t fuck with the IT guy who missed the finale…




So this is what happens…


Just watched the aunt pork the nephew…


Did arya take the asshole littlefingers face?


Is the zombie wyvern breathing fire or ice?


No… Just the neck


Hot ice. From what. I can tell