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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


For any of the book readers out there, did Hodor’s death occur in the books yet? And did it occur as it was portrayed in the show?

I haven’t read one word from the books. But I keep going back to the story about the producers convincing George to make the show by properly guessing the ending. It makes me think that all the clues are already there in the books. If Hodor’s life in a time loop and ultimate death were in the books then it makes the Bran=Night King theory more plausible to me.


Nope. They are well past the books.


I’m surprised we haven’t been given the kick to the nads of seeing Hodor as a zombie yet. You know it’s coming…


Riding the god damn dragon


No, he’ll fuck the dragon and make monster babies to fight Tormund’s monster babies


Who can only scream hodor but also shoot fire while they do it. OP.


He says he’s STILL MONTHS away from finishing the next book… WTF?


I’m seriously considering not even bothering with the books at this point. What’s the point? Just to get another view that then I will question which is better and, if it’s the book, degrade the fun I’ve had with the series long after the fact? Fuck that noise.


I’m not entirely sure we’ll ever see the books. It doesn’t seem as if he’s truly interested in getting them out other than probably being stuck in a contract to finish them.

I’ve read the books up to date and just prefer the show. Sure, the show has issues and changed a bunch but it’s just way more streamlined. His books are just sooooo long winded.




I celebrate the man’s entire catalog


Almost all fantasy books are. I’m reading wheel of time right now and each book is like 900 pages.


The page count doesn’t scare me, it’s just how slow his story is. I think the worst was Sansa coming down from the Vale. A whole chapter on nothing but descending a mountain side.


That is what I am saying. It seems like most fantasy writers are trying to prove something by having long winded passages. WoT is similar to drawn out passages as well. It is like they have a magic length they are trying to get to and will add fluff in.


I’m pretty sure @FetalInjury warned me of the WoT series. I have them on my kindle but haven’t even looked at them.


Agree. I read the first 3 GoT books and man…aside from being long they are just tough reads. Not poorly written at all but almost a chore. That’s where I stopped.


I have enjoyed them. I am on book 4 right now. I have heard books 5 and 6 are really set up books but it picks up again towards the end.


Oh man. Are you in for a treat! Be prepared for at least the first 100 pages, and upwards of 300 pages towards the end of the series, of each book reminding you what you just read. Then be prepared for an additional 400-600 pages of needless dialogue, lot of extraneous setting descriptions, and just plenty of nothing happening. You actually get about 50 pages that move the plot along.

Don’t for a second think that just because the first 3 books are good (and they really are, I’m not knocking them) that the rest of the series holds up. It doesn’t. You’ll start to notice around book 7 the trend I mentioned above. It’ll really smack you in the face how unreadable the series becomes.

The good news is the last 2 books return to greatness because Jordan finally fucking died, and Sanderson took over. If Jordan didn’t croak you can bet money the series wouldn’t have ended in 2 books. It was his, and Tor books’ main cash cow because devoted fanboys and girls continued to shell out cash for what are obviously multiple phoned in efforts at writing a book.

Now I say after book 3 it goes off the rails, but that’s because even though I read up to book 7, I reread the series afterwards and could see the shit pattern begin in book 4. That’s because it was initially advertised as supposed to be 5 books like David Eddings’s Belgariad, one of three other epic fantasy series in existence including Tolkien and Brooks. You try stretching 5 books worth of material out over the length the series is now, and you’d be hard up to write quality too.

Brooks is an outright shit author, and Eddings is incredibly simplistic with too many one dimensional characters. The difference between this new WoT series and the other epic series besides Tolkien is Jordan was billed as a legitimate author who could write for an adult audience. His Conan books were incredibly readable and page turners, and his switch to serial work seemed destined to work.

Which makes it so sad that the series just can’t deliver any sense of a quality read. It’s a lot like a marathon. Completing the actual task is painful, and the only thing you feel after reading It all is relief that you survived the experience.


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