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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


The Benjen part was ham handed as fuck to me.


I felt that way through the entire episode. Ravens are faster than Nebraska internet… well, that part is believable. Buy Dani flying a dragon up past the wall in a day or so (how long did they sit at that rock?).


Hmmmm how did we know Dany would save him besides the fact she apparently had specialized winter clothing on.


She need to wear Uggs, it’s cold up north!


Messy bun, Star(k)bucks.

Basic ass.



I thought Benjen told Bran when he rescued them that he didn’t turn because he was stabbed with a dragon glass dagger in the heart. I probably have the facts mixed up.


If I have one complaint this season (and don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying the hell out of this show), it’s that we seem to be getting too much fan service. It’s like they’re going out of their way to prove all of the fan theories right. I’m all about pleasing the fan base, but this does beg the question is there such a thing as too much catering to the viewers?

(Is this a topic for the Reapercast?)


Great point Johnny.


Also I’ve always thought the night king was bran. This episode made me feel it more.




My brother mentioned the night king theory to me yesterday. Completely plausible


My questions are … Where did the white walkers find the big chain to bring up the dead dragon and who tied the chains to the dragon???


They got them from @Gunny’s nipple ring chain.

Who knows. Probably from Hardhome. That was a wilding port for ships.


Don’t “drag” me into this. I actually agreed with all your points lala!


Didn’t the nipple ring chain come from preacher?


Exactly where I got it from. Herr Star rocks.


I’d say Hardhome too, and they could just jump in the water and do it themselves…the water doesn’t kill them.


I think they just take for granted everyone is expecting time jumps even mid episode, so they cut through all that and just hit the big stuff. But they are starting to hit 24 levels of ridiculous with the time jumps.