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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


Episodes seemed way too rushed. This season probably should of been 10 episodes long. We spent forever building up to this and now we’re fast tracked towards the end.

I guess Wildings are the new Red Shirts.

The other problem is how retarded the plan was to get “zombie”. This is an idea I expect from GRG Staff or one of GRG’s members. Just a bad idea anyway you thought of it. While they were at it, they had Thoros dying. Just wait until he turns and drag his ugly ass back to King’s Landing.

Arya and Sansa. WTF? First off, Arya threatening to take Sansa’s face and be her… How is that even possible, Arya is like a good foot shorter. Not sure how that would work. Second issue, Arya is supposed to be this human lie detector. They even play this game. She can’t tell Sansa is telling the truth???

Littlefinger basically started all this, are we ever going to see him return back to the main schemer? I can’t imagine he just goes out like a chump like we’re all expecting. If so it’s really weak.

Gendry would whoop Usain Bolt’s ass. Fastest runner EVAR!!! Period

I’m glad Tormund lived. I was really worried they were going to kill him for that “shocker” death. He needs to live and bang Brienne of Tarth so they have monster babies that conquer the world.

That whole thing of Gendry running back. Sending a raven to Dany and Dany and Dragons getting to Jon Snow in a day or two??? Come on. Weak. Traveling time has always been poorly portrayed on this show but I think this episode was the worst example.

White Walker: Bet you can’t hit that dragon.
Night King: Hold my beer

Poor Viserion. We kind of expected a dragon to be killed and turned, especially seeing the undead polar bear earlier (and horses). It’s going to suck being on the wall and having to defend against that. Does he still shoot flames? Or Ice? Or blue flames?

While I enjoyed this episode a lot I felt it wasn’t one of the better ones. The Plot rushing, too many story lines and the predictability bring it down. Even the repetitiveness. The undead circling Jon Snow and Co. was just like the Battle of the Bastards.

I’m curious on how they do the next episode. It seems like all the major action will wind down as all the players go to King’s Landing for a meeting that might be more exciting than a GRG Staff Meeting. Maybe Viserion and the Night King fuck up Eastwatch (or a castle on the wall) and break through to end the show.


Damn dude! You nailed it on everyone one of my points feelings!


I wasn’t too high on this episode. Seems like a lot of wasted time spent hiking in snow with diff scenes of 2 character talk.Those white walker grunts are lame, ain’t got nothing on walking dead.
Can Dani be burned by cold fire flame?
Why don’t night king & Dani marry for ultimate dynasty?


The distances traveled last night.


Him talking about making monster babies was one of my favorite lines in the whole show.


This irked me more than just about anything else. I don’t mind that they compress up the story to allow for the passage of time, but to say that all that travel happened while they were sitting on that rock, freezing their asses off…bullshit.


The main problem that has led to the rushed storylines is due to GRRM not getting that last book out. All character exposition was done by GRRM, and now you just have an outline to work on to get to the end since that book probably will never get released.


Sansa is an imbecile.

How can she believe anything Littlefinger says after he gave her to Ramsey.

Sometimes I dislike her more than Cersie.


At least the Finale is two hours long…


Is it possible that’s why she’s sending Brienne to talk to the queen? Littlefinger was trying to get her to use Brienne to protect her or do something about Arya.


After putting some thought into the Arya vs Sansa bitchfest I now believe it’s all an act. Sansa has learned a lot about the “Game” after dealing with Joffery, the Lannisters and Ramsey. Sansa has said several times to not trust Littlefinger. Arya stated she’s now a human lie detector. I think they’re playing up the divide a bit to out Littlefinger. I doubt the Starks continue to fight. This is why Arya gave Sansa the dagger. to show she’s on to Littlefinger.

So, what about Arya and Sansa’s conversation in Episode Six? That was also pretty clearly a setup. It’s unlikely that Arya would just leave those creepy ass masks lying around like that. And it also seemed pretty coincidental that she just walked into the room right after Sansa found them. The key in this scene is that the two were playing the game of faces and Arya made it clear that she was lying about everything. And at the end, she handed Sansa the dagger as gesture of loyalty.

One question I have is Why isn’t Littlefinger going to King’s Landing for the meeting? Surely he’d want to be there when all the big powers meet up.


I am anticipating Arya will attempt to be at that get together as well to get to Cersei. The question is whose face will she use.

Oh I like that this theory too as it may be too soon for her to make an attempt on Cersei. I highly doubt they would kill Littlefinger at this point as well. I am not sure however Sansa has learned anything. If she had she would be manipulating Littlefinger instead. It would be nice if the character did learn something for a change. She seems to be always falling into scenarios rather than making a plan. They really don’t show her doing much with the throne of the north while in her hands…


LMAO, exactly.

Just got to watch this last night. I could see the army that goes north includes some Lannisters after the big meeting. I bet they secretly take a ballista in hopes of killing a one or more of Dany’s dragons. But they end up needing it with a dragon glass tipped balista.


I’m starting to wonder if the Hound will end up dying in a ball of flames while saving someone’s life next season.

Mrs KFK is starting to dislike GOT because nothing good ever happens to the main characters.

What a dreadful place to live. No one is ever safe.


That GOT or GRG? :thinking:


Night King has a better arm than you. If he can improve his pocket awareness this kid is going somewhere.


He is already better than Carson Wentz.


Wentz would of speared 2 dragons with that one throw.

All Hail Wentz!


I watched it last night. It was pretty obvious Dani was coming to save them. What I didn’t see happening was Jon staying behind and Benjen coming to the rescue.

Why did Benjen stay north of the wall all this time? How did he ride through that huge circle of enemies?


Because Benjen is / was a partially turned wight (sp?). Benjen died the very first episode but for whatever reason didn’t fully turn. Or maybe they tried to turn him into a whitewalker.

Either way, he was undead and couldn’t cross the wall.