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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


That is this show though, everything repeats.




Kraig - you just made my day. I am pissing myself laughing.


Jorah of House Friendzone




The very best of Bronn.





Holy hell, there’s gonna be shit to pay!




Shit just got real in the seven kingdoms.


Pussy bent the knee.


Thanks to you guys and all your input… I was able to call most of it before it happen… Ya’ll be smart chaps!


Stealing a random quote off reddit.

Without looking at logs, I think Danny just suffered a 33% dps nerf. Is it time to reroll?


More like pussy made him bend the knee.


Holy fuck. I thought last week’s episode was a bit of a snoozer. They made up for it this week.

My only question is what type of fire/ice will that dragon breathe? I guess it’s good that they have that spear thing. Just need a bit of dragon glass on the tip.


Preview trailer out for next week’s finale between Jon, Danny, and Cercie.


Don’t we all eventually?


Though I enjoyed the episode I do this reviewers side of it where the person feels like they are now “rushing” through everything.


Well when they decided on so few episodes I guess they kind of have to have it that way. It does take away from the story a bit. NO time for the episodes that are ho hum and build the story.