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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


Every time I see Cersei I don’t think she’s lost her mind I think she knows something no one else does besides Qyburn. I think she has more than one spy in Dragonstone even against 3 dragons she is not worried. Im guessing Qyburn is the unknown factor here as he is the one who made Gregor Clegane
the walking dead. And access to all the maester lore. Cersei may be working with the King of the White Walkers for all we know. She knows something she won’t even tell Jaime. The " don’t betray me again" tells me she’d throw Jaime to the dragons if need be. Do you suppose Cersei may have a way to get one of those dragons. Clear now only 3 have come within arms length of those dragons and lived Tyrion, Jon and Dany .


Even though he was detached from his dad and brother, it may still be awkward when he finds he’s now aligned with the person who Kentucky Fried their asses.

And I’m not even sure there will be a Night’s Watch when this is all said and done.

Oh, and I’m starting to hate Sansa almost as much as Cersei, although it’s more I find her annoying as fuck. Dany could french fry her and I wouldn’t mind a bit.


Wow, what is wrong with you! Is this how Nebraskan’s treat people they don’t like?


I don’t doubt that Cersei knows some things that others around her don’t, but I also think she’s following a parallel with Tywin as he came closer to his demise. Tywin started getting very arrogant and was underestimating people in the end, the most fatal being his son Tyrion. I think Cersei is getting drunk with power as well and while she has some plans and tricks up her sleeve, she’s also starting to underestimate those around her. Jamie would be the first one I’d suspect underestimating would be her undoing.


I think everything is repeating itself. It’s a common theme with GoT.


Very common, and it really hit with this week’s episode. There were a lot of parallels with past events.



Ah good point I forget Tywin at times.


I still think Tyrion isn’t actually a Lannister.


I don’t think he is either, but I’m not sure there will be any evidence that will come out to say he isn’t. None of the Lannisters were known to have confided in anyone about that possibility like Lyanna confided in Ned to convince him to take Jon as his bastard. And Tyrion’s birth killed his mother, so unless she told someone before his birth, that secret may have died with her.


Yeah, although if he’s Targaryen…perhaps the same Maester Gilly was reading about…



3-eyed raven may also be the one to unfold that secret.


I think it might be a mix of Raven, Boy formerly known as Bran, and Gilly/Sam


Could be a converted wight already. That’s what I got out of the trailer.
The magnificent seven won’t survive the episode. I totally see a Benjen Stark cameo next episode too.



If Gendry’s war hammer was his fathers, thats the hammer he used to kill John Snow’s real father at the battle of the Trident during Roberts rebellion.


Dany gave the Tarley’s the opportunity to bend a knee. They refused.

Fuck em. They had a chance.

Cersie would have slaughtered everyone.


Two episodes left this season.

One wyvern (screw you Fish) is going to die.


And so would Dany. The only reason she didn’t was the soldiers shit themselves. The fear Tyrion has is she’s turning into dear old daddy. Going to burn them all. She’s no longer fighting the “good fight” freeing slaves. Now she’s invading and ruling under fear. Big change for her.