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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


Bronn is a stud. He’s the ultimate survivor.
He can’t die yet.

Bronn is my second favorite character next to the Hound.

Jamie and Bronn will escape. You know Bronn will bust Jamie’s onions about saving him from being toasted alive by a dragon.


He might ask for two castles instead of one!


So, did the Lannisters just loose their only weapon against the dragons, or did we find out the scorpion wasn’t as effective as they though?


I think this makes Dany more calculated now as it showed her the dragons aren’t invulnerable.


That’s what I was hoping as well, but I wondered if it would make her even bolder thinking that even their best shot just wounded Drogon.


A dragon dies and the Night King claims him. My bold prediction.


Fucking Zombie Giants and a Dragon.
Fooooook that!



Just watched it again. That was definitely Bronn that tackled Jaime. They foreshadowed the horse he rode.


I re-watched last night, too. I paused it as he was being tackled and it’s definitely Bronn. The weird part is when he starts to kick a little bit and then kind of stop?

I agree with the dragon crush on Jon, too. Its coming. Either she tries to burn him and he doesn’t burn. Or one of the dragons comes to his side or allows Jon to touch his bum or something.




The other 2 dragons have had little screen time. Seems like a good time since Drogon and the queen are away from dragonstone. I wonder if something happens while they are away with the other 2 dragons and Jon and Tyrion have to protect or fight with the other 2 dragons.

I also can’t wait to see Cersei’s face when she hears that he payment for the Iron Bank is a big molten pile somewhere. She will probably kill the rep thinking that will buy her time.


They said that the gold made it through the gates at Kings Landing. I think those wagons were a bunch of food they had taken from the Tyrell lands.


That Iron Bank phew. I’m guessing Cersei gives them their due at some point as well not gonna tolerate bank dude trying to get into her spoils of war.

Gotta love Bronn the laughing at Dickon Tarley’s name.


You sure it was Bronn? I was thinking it was that Billy dude from Black Sails that tackled him, Bronn seemed to be too far.


the thing that got me about that last scene was how deep that lake was that Jaime fell into. I mean he was tackled not flung into the middle. How did it get so deep so fast?


I will have to rewatch. Not sure about the gold. I don’t remember them saying it had already arrived and Cersei said Jaimie was escorting it personally.


Randall Tarly said right before the attack that it was in Kings Landing


Yep, just skipped thru the ep and heard that. Interesting.


Lannisters always pay their debts