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Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


I was just reading one of the Nerdist articles linked above. Considering the scene in the cave, this seems very apropos.

Minor Sidebar: There are all sorts of issues with the timeline that don’t totally add up, but it is said that the Children of the Forest (whom The Last Hero contacted to help defeat the White Walkers), gave the Night’s Watch 100 obsidian daggers each year, ostensibly to fight a future invasion. Obsidian is also known as dragonglass, and is one of only two known ways to kill a White Walker. The truth is we have no idea if they did, when they did, or for how long they did, but the details aren’t as important the legend that the Children provided the Night’s Watch with weapons to defeat White Walkers for some period of time. Got it? Good.


From what I read on GoT nerd sites, the Childern of the Forest created the White Walkers to kill off humans.

So the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers—from men—to fight men for them. We did not see that coming.


Yes that is what I have heard too.


I remember seeing that from one of Bran’s visions. I mis-read that quote. I thought it was talking about the children helping the first men. One, two, Potato!


We saw that flashback last season didn’t we? The hodor epi.


Yes, in one of Brans visions it shows the children creating the night king by shoving a piece of dragonglass into a mans heart. Bran asks one of the children why they did it, and she said they had to. They were at war with men.

Fantastic episode. We were both cheering for a dragon to show up. The timeline is a mess but I’m not letting it bother me. And I really didn’t like the spear shot, should have just saved them for a later battle.

After seeing Arya and Brienne spar, I hope Littlefinger is a little nervous. Sansa seemed to be a bit pouty when she walked off.


No way he is dead and I will suspend reality but no way Jamie should live sinking that deep in water with one hand and all that armor on.


Yea, someone will pull him out. No way he is getting out of that armor but they wont let him die like that.


Tyrion will save him.


Do not underestimate Jamie’s plot armor. It’s bulletproof.

The battle was a tough one to root for. I like Jaime and Bronn a lot. Don’t want to see them lose. And Daenerys is a whiny snot still hung up on Jon Snow bending the knee. He should go down on her.


No question he doesn’t die now. They did make it really tough tho’ to figure out how he gets out of this mess. Sinking, likely unconscious, weighed down in full armor…even if Bron wasn’t knocked silly in the fall he’d have a tough time pulling him up let alone save himself. Jammer said it tho’…suspend disbelief…


I like Claude statement. Would Def add more “drama”.


Jaime die now way, not yet and never that way. Bronn will save him and finally get the dam castle he keeps whining about. The dragon slayer agreed what great aim you have Bronn!
Also counting the minutes til dragon shows up. Then repeating don’t kill the dragon, don’t kill the dragon you can’t! Especially the only dragon earning his keep. I am hoping others get to ride those 2 other dragons but probably wishful thinking on my part perhaps, those long lost Targaryen relatives ??

Arya and Brienne sparing was brilliant and made me wonder the whole time why does she end up with the dagger? Also I assume to make Sansa go back to the spoiled brat Littlefinger loves to provoke, and bend to his will. And would somebody just kill Littlefinger already Arya?

Little brother Bran is just starting to annoy me.

Great episode bought time for some dragon action


Yea, unlike the last big battle we didn’t have a real bad guy to hate on.



Seems pretty straight forward - that dagger is bound to return to the person’s throat who sent it after Bran in the first place. Poetic justice incoming.


It pretty much tells us who takes out who dont cha think?


Yes I remember the story line but I was not sure if it was confirmed Jaime gave the order. I was trying to remember, and if Jaime was on her list.


I’ll just leave this here…


Jon and Tyrion…

I think next week we see a dragon start to have a man crush on Jon.