Game of Thrones Talk (Spoilers welcomed!)


Its been so long I need to watch last season again so its all fresh in my mind by then


I am rewatching the entire series. Only watched it the first time, so there’s a lot I am picking up now primarily cause I was just trying to keep up while watching the first time thru. And I haven’t read the books so the characters needed a little development. I’m a couple episodes into season 2 so I think I have enough time before season 8 comes out.

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Back in January, we got a rough idea of the running time for each episode from the French TV network that airs the show: the first two episodes would be about an hour long, while the final four would be around 80 minutes. Though the schedule largely corroborates this, there are two exceptions, as the first episode, at 54 minutes, falls a bit short of being “an hour long”, and episode three is 60 minutes long, not 80:


Episode 1 probably has a good 5-7 min recap of the series plus the intro which is 2 and change, but the run time of the good part of the show is 54mins

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I’m so excited for the last season. Wife and I are catching up as well and there’s just so much little detail you forget. Just about a month remaining!


When the running times for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones were revealed on HBO’s schedule a few days ago, the length of the third episode came as a bit of a surprise to us. Though every other episode was just as long as we reported months ago, that third episode was a great exception, as the schedule said it would run for only 60 minutes, not the previously reported 80. Now the schedule has been updated, and would you believe the original report was wrong… but in the opposite direction?

When Orange Cinéma Séries ‘s representative claimed the first two episodes would run for an hour and be followed by four 80 minutes episodes, we were jubilant. When the official HBO schedule fell a bit short of those numbers, especially for the third episode, not so much—though a lot can be done in 60 minutes and I’m sure it would’ve been a great battle regardless, there’s no denying 20 minutes can make a big difference.

However, now it appears the the third episode data was merely a placeholder. The new schedule not only corroborates the original report but slightly improves upon it:

episode 803 running time

At 82 minutes , season eight’s third entry, which will be all about the Battle of Winterfell teased in the trailer, is the longest Game of Thrones episode ever. As of right now, the longest aired episode is the season seven finale, The Dragon and the Wolf , with a running time of 80 minutes that will soon be matched by the final two episodes of season eight. The updated schedule places this mid-season battle episode above even them:

With the season being 22 minutes longer than we were led to believe for a few days, it appears the average season eight episode will be 72 minutes , which is longer than every single aired episode except season seven’s The Dragon and the Wolf


Thoughts on S8E1???

Thought it was good to be the length that it was. Lots going on, but a good foundation for the end of the run.

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It was like the reunion episode though I loved it. Only reunion we didn’t see was Jaime and Tyrion.

One thing game studios should take notice on whoever manages the servers for HBO. Didn’t see people destroying them for disconnects and you know there were a huge number of people using the HBO streaming service.


Yeah. Reunions were good and long awaited for most I think. Good story/consolidation episode.


Also… To get it on record and I said it last year… I think Jamie will be the one to stab cerci and also be known as queen slayer then


He’s gonna strangle her.

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Best Quote “I’m waiting on an old friend”

So.Fucking.Epic. fantastic way to end that episode


Damn…this graphic shows parallels between last night and the first episode.

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There was also a scene where Sansa was looking out of a window, and she looked just like her mother. They did a really good job of bringing everything around full circle to launch the end.

I am in the middle of a rewatch, about halfway thru season 3, and it’s amazing how much foreshadowing occurs in the early episodes. the end of seasons 1 & 2 are crazy eerie in that sense.


Agree, wife is going through the show now and we just finished season 4. It is amazing how much they give hints to what is coming in the show that you don’t notice.


I want to rewatch as well, but I think I’m going to do that after the finale. Kind of with a full knowledge of how it plays out.

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At this point I think I like Cersei over Daenerys. Really, what has Daenerys done other than steam roll people with her Dragons. Also, from Westoros person’s viewpoint we have some dopey chick bringing Dragons and foreign raiders to conquer your land. Why in the world would you trust her especially after all the bullshit that’s been happening over the years. I honestly can’t stand her and it’s cringefest anytime she’s on screen. That dragon date made me vomit.

Speaking of Dragons, how the fuck are they holding on? Wouldn’t it be wise to construct some sort of saddle bolting their asses on?

Wasn’t crazy about this episode, too many sappy reunions. It just seems like weak fan service. The only big thing to come of this episode is the “Who’s your Daddy?” reveal. Jon realizes he’s banging his aunt (it is his aunt, right?).


i didnt like your post because i agree with you.

i liked your post because a Grumpkins point of view is always so fucking entertaining.


I can’t wait for Syrio Forel/Jakkan Hagar/Rhegar Targaryean to show up and mind fuck everyone, kill Jamie, take his throne and burn Westeros to the ground.


The Greatest Swordsman that ever lived didn’t have a sword??

love this scene.