Game/Media room ideas

So we are looking to move into a new house at the beginning of the year. I “unintentionally” ended up with an entire room to make into my office/gaming/media room. Looking for any suggestions, ideas, or lessons learned for putting together something like this. I know D1G1TALCIPHERS is putting one together for his new place.
I game on xbox and pc. I plan on putting together a cool desk set up for my pc. Still considering rebuilding my pc rig in a wall mount pc case, but not sure on the desk yet. I want to put a loveseat size sofa that reclines in there and putting a nice tv in there. It is almost a blank slate. I am going to measure the room today. I have a pinterest collection of gaming desk and decor but thought I would throw this out as see if anyone had any thoughts. I also don’t know how I will decorate or paint. The wife has made no comments on it, so I may be free to do as I please…maybe. :grinning:


I went back and forth on how I wanted to do my desk. Originally I was going to go with a stand up desk but after spending hours looking at them I realized I wanted something more “built in” looking. Built ins are not in my budget so I had to find a way.

The internet did it for me. In the Youtube tech scene the Ikea Alex drawers and a Ikea counter top are the go to for affordable nice looking desk. You can get the drawers in White, Grey, Blue, and Black/Brown (espresso wood color)

I am going with a 98" counter top. the photo has a shorter one. I may actually try to get a slab from some guys I know but that may wait as it will be costly. Centered in the 98" will be (3) 27" Viotek 144hz curved monitors mounted on the wall for a floating effect. They will be connected to a smart surge protector “Computer, monitors on/off” :grinning: I will also have a LED strip either on the back edge of the desk or behind the monitors. I will be removing the side panels from my PC case and it will go into the right hand set of drawers. I will probably install a fan in the back of the drawers to help pull out heat although I do not see it being an issue.

To the right of my desk will be this…

I would rather get a TV stand from Ikea to match but I already have this in my game room now. No reason to get something else. It will have all the consoles on it. The TV will have LED behind it. I will also have a led strip embedded in the bottom on the trim at the top of the wall.

I also will be making a rolling cart for my racing setup. So I can just roll it in place when i need it. It’s a PITA to move.

The plus to using the Ikea stuff for a desk is I can add bookshelves, etc. that match and are affordable as I see the need for them and can ultimately make it all look “Built in”. The whole house will be semi-smart. Smart bulbs in lamps only, Echos through the house, Ring camera system, etc. Once I am in the house and can set it up I should be able to walk into the game room and say “Computer, Game on” and it will turn my led strips on, my monitors & tv on, and my xbox on. Maybe one day Playstation will add Alexa too. It works on my Sony TV.

Not sure if this will even help. Feel free to ask me questions.

Edited to add: Here is a better picture. I like how he used couch legs to get more height out of his desk. I am to short to do that but may work for you.


For paint I would think about your lighting first. Do you plan to use RGB LED behind monitors/tv?

The color of paint will affect how the RGB strips look. White walls will wash over in color. Grey even works with RGB well. If you are not and just using natural and artificial white light I like a nice dark wall behind my monitors.

I am still undecided. The whole house will be white so I may go with a medium grey on this one wall.

For decor…

I will be getting some stuff from here. Metal posters and they have all kinds of cool ones.

Some of my favs…

Paint the room chroma-key green.

Yea I have a list of Displate that I want. There will be some in the room for sure

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I know someone here that makes gameplay videos that’s getting a wall and part of a ceiling in one room chroma-key green for that purpose.

You are painting the wood paneling green?


I think i’m still liking the wood/metal look of a corner desk.

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