Friday Night Blackout 10/19




Join GRG for a night of Call of Duty 4 Blackout! We’ll be playing the newest Battle Royale game all night long this Friday, October 19th. We’ll have parties set up for Xbox and for PS4.

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Of COurse.


Tagging @codplayers


I’ll be there. Probably a bit later on though (10:00-???)


I’ll be on.


I should be on for this. Wife Is hanging out with her friends so I’ll jump on. Plus someone’s got to constantly revive @Lala_Calamari.


I carry you to a victory and this is how you treat me?


Ugh carry me?!??! Like I said I got Nintendo thumb from hitting the revive(x) button time after time with you. Plus it was my genius like battle planning that got you that win. Ha ha ha.


Bump as a reminder! @codplayers.

I’ll have an open XBox party going for Blackout all night long.



I will be on tonight.


I should be on. Can I jump in a backpack cause @Lala_Calamari says I sucky.


I will be on after 930. I have to watch Halloween 2 with the boy, first.


Sorry I missed it guys will be on all day today grinding that 2xp