Friday Night, 30 Nov - Touring the Wasteland

I’ve got a Wife Free™ night ahead of me and that only means one thing - major gaming time!

I’ll be working through the Grafton quests with my low level toon (+/- 13) so if anyone wants to group up, just let me know and we can waste some ghouls and super mutants together. I’m playing on the Xbox…



I need to play some more of this on PC since I have barely just left the vault. That may be what I do tonight as well.

If you’re still on fairly late I’ll jump in and help out some. Can craft some weapons up to lvl20. Only have plans for hunting rifles, 44s, combat rifles, and pipe shit.

Before that I’m hoping to do some horsing around…

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We can definately hook up; I’ll set you up with the materials for a lvl 20 pimped hunting rifle for sure.

Not sure if I will be on tonight or not…but will def join into the game if I do. I wanna look more into ‘claiming’ feature.