Fortnite - PvE Mode - Save the World


Is anyone else playing the PvE mode of Fortnite?

It isn’t free (like the Battle Royale mode) and the entire game is supposedly going F2P later this year, so I admit there is a low incentive to purchasing it.

However, it isn’t expensive and @nonagintillion hooked me up because she wanted me to play with her. We also convinced @Eeyorewins to buy it too, so there’s usually the 3 of us online in a party.

It still appears to be on sale in the UK PSN store, so check around.

  • I won’t pretend we have worked it all out, there is certainly a bunch of complexity in the skills, stats and gear - but that all just gives incentive to grind.

  • I enjoy the core gameplay loop. My frustrations with the game are relatively small and usually bug-related, so hopefully they will be patched out.

  • It is a good mix of wave defence, looting, destructible environment and some building.

  • Even though the zombies are a little creepy (if you look closely they’re kind of wearing dead people skins), the graphics are cartoon-y enough that it is in no way a horror game.

  • There is a lot to do but it certainly seems to be more fun with at least one other player (though there is matchmaking included).

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Someone gave me a copy for PC. I’m not sure I finished the tutorial yet.

I wouldn’t be against picking it back up if any PC gamers (or PS4 I suppose, if the PVE is still cross-platform) want to play.

I only play on PS4.

The tutorial appears to be quite long, which is very good - since it gives you a clear path to progression and guides you through the various components of the game.

I am on PS4 and I understand the crossplay exists though it wasn’t necessarily intended?
Need to futz around with being friends on the Epic site or something…
Will have to look it up.

Basically there’s a long tutorial which periodically gives you a mission to “defend” your base.
This in turn expands your reach on the regional map and unlocks new missions.
There are 4 regions - you unlock later ones as you progress through the story.

If you just aim to complete the objectives of the tutorial then you can’t go wrong, even if you don’t quite understand it all.

Technically your home base isn’t the main objective, though your bases are the only persistent areas (one per region, I think).
The objective is really to progress through the story / campaign (by way of the tutorial) and to get stronger along the way (through survivor squads, stat points, gear, schemas and heroes).

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Also, there’s no blimp for you to just jump out of whenever you feel like it…

Me, Johnny and Zane:
“Right, where should we drop, over there in the SE corner maybe?”

"… Woops."

“Well, Rabb has just jumped now, should we all follow him?”

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I almost bought it last month when they had it marked down. Decided to wait until it was free. Didn’t have anybody to play with. Looks like fun.

I endorse this post. The game is entertaining, although it is still a beta. I have yet to find a bug that has prevented me from playing.

Definitely one to play with friends. The opportunity, and temptation, to grief Randoms is ever present.


My thoughts exactly. All my buddies are into PUBG and I get it but when I am solo, I swap over to Fortnite. I don’t have lag. I don’t get kicked out mid game. PUBG seems like 20 minutes of looting and running and then I die. Fortnite seems to go quicker for me. More to do. I enjoy the building aspect when a battle starts even though that is my weak point. When I aim in Fortnite, I hit people. When I aim in PUBG I have no idea where the bullets are going. I enjoy both games but prefer Fortnite.


If Fortnite would remove the building from BR I would play it. Just not a fan of building in my BR games. Especially being able to instantly build a bullet shield. For some reason I really hate that mechanic.

Oh yea and different is good. I just like that adrenaline rush I get from BR games and I don’t get that in FN cause I can just build wall as soon as someone fires at me.

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I am not a good builder at all. That is why I don’t have a lot of wins but I can consistently make top 10 by sneaking. Getting top 10 in PUBG is much harder.

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If anyone needs an extra for PVE on XBOX shoot me an invite. LVL 40

A word of warning: Do not evolve your schematics to lvl 3 until you are able to farm malachite easily/regularly. Otherwise, your really cool gun schematic will just collect dust.


Good game is good.

I’m not much of a PVP’er, so Save the World is right up my street. It also satisfies the part of me that would go around looting every last item in a house in the fallout games before progressing with the plot. Fortunately most PVE games in Fortnite have some kind of inbuilt time limit so I don’t drive my fellow players completely insane.


Which system do you play PVE on?