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Fortnite Creative Mode


Looks like Battle Pass owners for Season 7 get it tomorrow, and everyone else gets it the 13th. Custom games in Fortnite - could get interesting with what they’re offering.


Slightly annoyed that as a STW purchaser I don’t get the early access too.


STW is a lot of fun


You play? On PS4?
We should get together for a night and play some STW.
I haven’t played that mode in ages but it’s more fun with others.


I have it on Xbox for sure but I’ll see if I do on PS4 also. If so I’d be down!


Is that mode cross platform or whatever you call it?


That is actually a really good point. @unobtainaballs we should test that out.


Oh fuck yeah, it does.
That did not occur to me at all for some reason.

Thanks @h2daddy!


Me neither, if I get on tonight I’ll try adding you from Xbox.


My Epic account name is “unobtainable”.


Sweet mine is rabbmasterflash


Added you.

Also, they redid the UI and reallocated all the base stat points in the main menu.
So confused.


Awesome! I’m in the process of moving so the next couple weeks will be dicey but I’ll see if I can add you tonight.

PS - fuck moving