Foresaken Easter Egg (Main Quest)


You can use whatever weapons you feel comfortable with, but I suggest either starting with the Gallo or the M16. As we all know, the Gallo is a beast, but you will need a longer range weapon for the boss fight. You can buy a gun from the walls, or look for a good option in the mystery bow, or maybe even the trials. There is a wall but Gallo that you can get, but personally I would satart with the Gallo, or a Mellee (E-tool or Sai). And, I highly recommend using Ring of Fire, especially if solo, but in a group, one player should have it.

First thing’s first, you need to turn on the power by ending the lockdown.

Immediately head to the teleporter indicated by the star objective marker and go through it once the 30 second timer is done. Now, make your way to the next objective icon and purchase the ‘Locked Door’ guarding the zipline for 500 Points. Head to either ‘Beach Pizza’ or ‘Diner’ and pay to unlock whichever one you want, go inside to the back, up the stairs find the next teleporter and enter it. You should arrive on ‘Video Store Rooftop,’ buy the door immediately to your right as you leave the teleporter, and travel to the next marker.

To progress, you’ll need ‘4 Repair Parts,’ and these can be found using the four symbols on your map, in randomly generated placers in that marked area. If you don’t see the ‘Search Area’ markers, just travel around until they pop up.

But, here is where they are and what they are:

  • Fryer Cage – Burger Town
  • Cathode-Ray Tube – TV Store
  • Circuit Board – Video Store 1F
  • Focusing Lens – Cinema

Now, repair the teleporter, travel to the ‘Bunker Entrance,’ and buy the blue door highlighted by your objective. Make sure your Ring of Fire is ready to use, then proceed to the next teleporter, but it will produce an ‘Abomination’ zombie, simply activate Ring of Fire and kill it,then head on through the teleporter.

“Lift Lockdown,” per the objective, and the power should now be working. In this room is the Pack -a-Punch, PHD Slider and the Trials MAchine. There are no zombies here, but if you stay too long you will take damage from radiation. Quickly use the PaP if you have the points, then find the closed shutters and activate the red button to the right of them. This will give you a cutscene and will actually start the Easter Egg. (Don’t be a tool like me and wonder why on round 19 I still couldn’t find parts of the Easter Egg, only to realize that I forgot to activate it.)

You now need to get the Chrysalax, and there are four ways to get it.

3. Legendary Trial Rewards

The Forsaken map has a trial machine for you to make use of, just like every other map, providing you with different objectives in exchange for great rewards. If you are able to smash the challenge and level up your potential reward to “Legendary” tier, then you have the chance to claim a Chrysalax upon redemption of the reward.

2. Crafting the Chrysalax

You can start collecting the parts after round 8 - if you have activated the Easter Egg.

You will hear an announcment of something crashin, and depending on where you are, you may see it. A shielded crystal will smash through the donut shop. Go near it, and kill enough special enemies that start spawning and the shield will disappear, revealing an exposed ‘Polymorphic Crystal Core,’ take it.

Next step requires you to kill a Tormentor(redish crystalized zombies from Mauer Der Toten) using fire, which can be a molotov, the Flamethrower Scorestreak or even Ring of Fire. Then, you can then pick up the ‘Tempered Crystal Heart’ that it drops.

Now, play rounds and wait for an Abomination enemy to appear, and get it to perform its long-range beam attack on any Aether Crystal that has now spawned all over the map, to acquire the ‘Energetic Geode’

Now, make your way to the ‘Amplifier’ section, and insert the crystals into the ‘Particle Accelerator’ and after a few moments, you’ll need to start meleeing zombies next to the Particle Accelerator to charge it up. You’ll know you’ve done enough as an almost angelic audio cue will happen, and the Chrysalax will slowly rise from within the machine.

3. Using the mystery box

As with all incarnations of Zombies in Call of Duty, the map has a Mystery Box that tends to be slightly erratic and shift around from place to place. Spend 950 Points on the box and pray that the Zombies gods are in your favor, delivering you a Chrysalax.

4. Der Eisendrache Gold Chest

There are arcade games in Forsaken, and one of them is quite important as you can potentially earn a free Chrysalax from playing it.

To do this you need to collect arcade tokens dropped by Zombies.
Now, head to the arcade and use the tokens to to trigger the “Der Eisendrache” Pinball machine. You’ll be taken to an area reminiscent of the ‘Angry’ Dragon side quest in Outbreak Zombies. And, just like that kill zombies in the designated area until the canisters on the side of the dragon monument are full.

Once you are successful, a Golden Chest will be dropped and if you’re lucky there will be a Wonder Weapon inside.

If not, you can keep trying this method as long as you have tokens, and you will still get other great rewards.

How to use the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken Zombies

Now that you hopefully have the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon, it’s time to put it to good use. To use it, you’ll need to know about its different forms.

Chrysalax Savager Disc & Melee Mode

The Chrysalax will start off in its basic melee mode, and players can perform the following actions using it:

  • R2 / RT: Double Axe Swing
  • L2 / LT: Throw energy blade (requires energy charges)
  • Hold L2 / LT: keep energy blade spinning in place
  • Up on D-pad: Transform to gun mode

Now, head to ‘Fuel Processing,’ in here will be four pipes with a control panel on it them that asks you to ‘Activate’ the Processing Tank (you need to activate one box per player in the game). You’ll now go into lockdown, and once you complete it, you can pick up the ‘Fuel Tank’ item that falls from the ceiling.

Three big, Aether Crystals that have appeared around the Forsaken map need to be dealt with now.

  • Storage Zone 5 – Rooftops
  • The Amplifier
  • Staging Area

For each of them, you need to shoot the protective orbs floating around the crystal, then smash it with the axe form of the Chrysalax. Pick up a ‘Crystal Shard’ that it drops, and throw it at the newly spawned Abomination, it’s tail should turn red, allowing you to kill it and collect the newly-created ‘Catalyzed Crystal Shard’ – do this for all three locations.

NOTE: For the Amplifier crystal, allow the Abomination to follow you all the way to the ‘Board Room,’ and get it to charge into the statue/pedastal in the corner of the room before you kill it – collect the Housing Unit it drops. This will save you time and hassles later.

Now, if you aren’t using Dead Wire already, you need to apply the mod to your gun, lure a Zombie to the Arcade and shoot one while it’s next to the ‘Grand Prix’ machine to turn it on. Buy an ‘ARC-XD’ for 2,000 Points from it and drive it into the TV Station. Drive behind the counter, very carefully, and wait for the pulse to knock the cover off the vent, make your way inside the vent and detonate the car next to the wall.

Once you’ve resumed control of your character, go to the TV Station and obtain the ‘Monitoring Device’ that is now visible thanks to the hole in the wall.


Do not proceed with the next step until you have upgraded you weapons and perks as much as you can.

Head to the ‘Main Steet,’ go to the Workbench at the end of the street, and it’s time for you to ‘Assemble Aetherium Neutralizer’.

With the device in motion, follow it down the street and stay inside its protective area as you’ll take damage if you venture outside of it. Fend off attacking Zombies and keep shooting red Aether Crystals to drop Catalyzed Crystal Shards – these will help to refuel the Neutralizer and you need to run out of the bubble to retrieve them, come back to the device and refuel it.

Reach the safe zone and this will be your final chance to get everything you need: Perks, Pack-A-Punch, crafting items such as the Kazimir Grenade, etc…

Use the Chrysalax’s gun mode, or any long range gun and shoot The Forsaken’s shoulders until the crystals break and its shield depletes.

Now kill Zombies near Samanatha Maxis until her ‘Maxis Essence Level’ is full, and then she’ll activate one of the Laser Cannons. Do your best to land shots on The Forsaken, using the cannon, until it loses power and goes offline again. Repeat the canister-filling process, mount a Laser Cannon and unleash another barrage of fire at The Forsaken. Once you get The Forsaken down to half health, you’ll eventually be transported to an almost empty void with a wall displaying art if Samantha Maxis and the words “No One Escapes Alive”

You’ll then return to the fight, but this time you need to shoot the mid-section crystals to eradicate The Forsaken’s shield, and again you need to make sure you’re keeping Maxis filled, jump back onto a Cannon, and get The Forsaken down to about 25% health. The final bar of shield can be dealt with by shooting at The Forsaken’s head, and then it’s a case of using a Laser Cannon to take away the last slivers of health.

You will be automatically downed by the events happening around you, and you will then be shown the final cutscene.