Fish Tacos

I’ve got a bunch of walleyes in my freezer I should eat soon.

Does anyone have a favorite fish taco recipe they’d like to share?

I’ve never made fish tacos before, but I do love them. Use soft corn tortillas. I like them flash fried and very crispy. A good light beer batter would be good. The biggest thing is to have a good slaw. Maybe some broccoli slaw with a little hot pepper heat in it.

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Get some limes, creme fresh, cilantro, white corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo.

Blend some fresh lime juice and the cilantro into the creme fresh. You could batter and deep fry the fish or just bake in oven. It works well either way. Put two white corn tortillas together for one taco. Load it up with fish, cabbage, and pico de gallo. Then spoon some creme fresh over it and squeeze a lime wedge as the final touch. Great for summertime. Del Taco makes their fish tacos this way. You can ditch the cilantro if need be. You can substitute sour cream for the creme fresh but I prefer it with the creme fresh.


Marinate them in Draino for a few hours. Fry them up and have at them. I suggest just drinking the draino straight.


I plan on grilling the fish. Deep fried food doesn’t agree with me.

Thanks guys

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Yuch !!! Sounds like caveman food. Use beef like real men do.

caveman harvested walleyes. he now gets to enjoy the reward of his efforts.

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