Finally Introducing Myself

Hi guys
figured I would finally introduce myself, signed up a while ago but at the time it seemed like COD and Destiny were/are the meat and potatoes of what gets played, I don’t play either of those games. I listen to the podcast and check back from time to time to see if other games are getting some playtime. Looks like some folks are jumping into other things more often so I decided to post. I’m 44, married and a father of 2. I work 2nd shift in the medical field so my gaming times are usually limited to weekends. I play on Xbox and PC. Mostly ill be interested in Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite. I also play Rogue Company and have been enjoying splitgate, and aliens fireteam. I do enjoy playing fortnite with my 2 kids they absolutely love it. My xbox ID is SkeletorGrim. Thank for having me and hope to see some of you guys in game.


Welcome to GRG!!!

Welcome its good to see you join the heathens we have here. I play splitgate some. @hubristics plays all the time though so he would probably happily join up with you for it

Thank you guys.

welcome to the community