Feature: Forum Themes


With a new release there was an option to be able to allow users to change the theme on viewing the forums. You may have noticed this within the preferences panel of your profile here on the forums. I have recently added a few themes to this to allow you to choose from on the site.

You can get to these settings by clicking on your avatar > then the gear icon.

Once there you can choose from a few different themes and can set this to default on all devices or just the one you are currently using.

Here are some screens of the other themes I have uploaded.

Sam’s Minimal
(this is quite good for mobile)


Dark Material
(This is what the GRG theme is based on)

I will add more when others become available


GRG is the best but can you add one in with a background of a potato skin? I think most here would be comfortable with that.

Can I get a titties background please>? SFW just gunny’s face with titties in " " would be acceptable.


Hey that Moonclaw is lovely



I have added a new theme for your viewing pleasure. I have been testing it out for the past few days. It is called Vincent. It comes with a different background, a thinned out header bar, and a ton of other tweeks. You can choose this just like the others from your Preferences -> Interface settings within your forum profile.

Here are some screenies to see what it looks like.

Home Page


Topic Replies



I forgot all about these!

Trying out Moonclaw right now.
On mobile and for some reason the contrast just seems perfect.

I only have 4 choices…no vincent

Odd, try refreshing your page.

refresh didn’t work, but I left and came back now and I see it…

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Vincent Theme now comes in multiple colors.

Note: If you had it as your theme before you will need to re-select it.

Vincent Dark Blue

Vincent Dark Red

Vincent Dark Green

Vincent Dark Magenta

Vincent Dark Orange

I tried Moonclaw. Everything looked great except the reply button. It kept bugging me for some reason. Vincent Dark Red is easy on the eyes. Currently using that and enjoying it.

Loved moonclaw. Changed to Vincent orange

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I didn’t ever think I would switch from GRG default but I am loving the Vincent(any color) on PC and mobile. Super easy to read.


Vincent is very mobile friendly!

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Agreed. It looks great on mobile. I rarely use PC. Everything stands out and isn’t hard on my eyes.

All. I have updated the GRG default theme. It is now using Vincent as the base. I have added the following extras on top.

  • It uses our color scheme
  • no thin header
  • Social links
  • Menu bar

You can of course still use the Vincent themes as well. You may need to refresh your page and re-apply themes (if you are using the default GRG or Vicnent Dark Bluie) as i have renamed and restructured some of them.

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Made the switch. Looks sharp. I like it.