Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


I stopped watching this show long ago but remember the days on TWD when we all wanted Morgan back? That sure went away.


I was just thinking that. The writers just have a knack for ruining decent plot lines and characters. I think we talked about it also, but was there a massive time jump with FTWD?


The last time Morgan was written worth a damn was “Clear”, when Rick and Michonne found him in that abandoned town that marked Morgan’s return to the show. It’s a shame too, because Lennie James is a hell of an actor.

You know…at this point, they show a ton of decay with some walkers, but would they even be able to bite? Their teeth should be brutally decayed if not non existent by now, except for some of the newer dead. Even those would become rarer these days due to a dwindling population.


Yes…they had to bring it to the same point in the timeline as TWD to get Morgan on the show.


Jesus, ok. They took what would have been a great premise with the way everything looked when the apocalypse began and just made it the same show with new and more annoying people. And bringing in the same annoying people.

I don’t know why I even watch it.


Hell, they didn’t even spend more than an episode on when the apocalypse began. It was “Breaking News” then everyone was wandering around trying to survive like the main show.


That is what I was getting at. These things still have teeth that are just fine.

I get that the zombie population would continue growing but somehow these things always have teeth, always have clothing and always have shoes even though all they do is walk. I realize I am poking holes in an unrealistic situation in the first place but come on.


Same can be said for me with TWD. I will keep watching but have dreaded seeing the upcoming promos for the season knowing it will just frustrate me.


I have a feeling this will be my last TWD season. Not sure why they want to make Daryl the main protagonist and continue this story thread without Rick. Doesn’t help that show has been frustrating as hell.


This season of TWD will be maddening, it’s going to be annoying as hell with the Rick leaving part.


Can’t wait for those long drawn out scenes of Rick looking at things. Remembering Coral.


As far as the last episode of Fear, I could almost see where the story might be going, if these characters do indeed make it back to Alexandria.

This probably won’t happen but, if they did make it back perhaps Charlie would take over the vacated Carl scenes. The part where she was wearing John’s hat in this episode reminiscent of younger Carl. Perhaps, if Rick is out, the main character could become John, instead of Daryll. He’s a less evil version of Rick with a similar career background… I doubt that will happen but makes me interested to see how the series will intertwine.


Season Finale was painful across the board. Just bad.

Main villain (if you can call her that) was just so weak, boring and repetitive. They could of killed her off so many times but didn’t for some unknown reason. She wasn’t a threat and her zombie on a stick routine was just the most retarded thing this show has ever offered which is saying a lot.

Anti-Freeze poisoning… No one noticed the water bottles were opened? Actually, I was hoping they would all perish just to wrap up FTWD as it’s the special needs sibling of TWD.

No Madison in the finale. I guess she really is dead which I’m shocked by. Her death was sudden, off camera and in the middle of the season. I figured she was going to come back at the end and save the day. I wonder what the hell happened for them to write out 2 main characters almost back to back. ( I know the actor who played Nick wanted out).

Which leads me to them allowing the little girl to still hang around. She shot and killed Nick and they just accept her as one of their own. I have a hard time believing this.

Finally, we now mimic TWD with the survivors attempting to build Alexandria 2.0. I’m honestly not sure the purpose of this show if it’s just a weaker version of the main one. Well, I guess it still has viewers. I really wish it offered a different view of zombie apocalypse or give me some reason to want to watch this. I wouldn’t be surprised if FTWD got cancelled.


I hate this show. The new “villain” was just stupid. I honestly hate Morgan more than any other character at this point. Terrible episode.

I don’t know why I torture myself.


Just saw that Dwight is the next TWD character that’s going to Fear as a crossover.


I guess crossing the continental US is easy mode in the Walking Dead universe.


Meh to it all!


At this point, I’m convinced the Fear crew is actually camped about 30 yards from Alexandria, and only Morgan and Dwight have been able to find them.


Still bitter on how they handled the original cast. The druggie kid was stupid for wanting to leave. Who leaves a nice paycheck like that? Also Travis’s death sucked. They truly fucked the show with how they killed off Madison. I was hoping that was going to be a ploy to have her save the day in the season final since they never showed her actual death.

What promised to be a different show is now the retarded sibling of TWD. I’ll still watch it as it has zombies. I’m just disappointed that they can’t seem to figure out what they want from either show. Both shows lost their main protagonist and really lost the entire theme.


TWD has lost its way severely, and that happened well before Rick’s departure. I still haven’t watched the last two eps from the first half of the new season yet.