Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


I don’t understand what they are doing to this show. Are they rebooting the reboot?


Destroying it?


It was destroyed from the first episode to me. Really should have been about the beginning of the downfall.


I agree with that completely. We live in a world where everything is filmed and displayed yet that barely happened in this show.


They did that with the two major deaths this season. Although I do like the new additions better I feel the premise of the show was following the one family.

Now that family is pretty much all gone.


Agree totally


That clip doesn’t hurt my speculation that they’re combining the two shows at some point. They’ve killed off some of the Fear cast, they’re getting rid of Rick and Maggie, it just feels like these two casts will eventually combine.


And WTF is up with that chicks weapon? It’s seriously THE WORST zombie killing device. It honestly couldn’t be a worse design.

On that topic, why haven’t they all gone to spears or some shit. Keep some distance. Too many TWD people killing zombies with pocket knives. Why get that close?


@beers_and_leafs it does return Sunday.


I never thought of this but isn’t TWD’s timeline years ahead of FTWD? What year is FTWD in? Morgan leaving is so far off of where FTWD was.


No, they did a time jump at the end of last season, so they could match up.


I’m a bit confused. If the reporter girl (forget her name) is so concerned about the tapes, why didn’t she just grab them from the swat van?

And Morgan is killing this show. I can’t stand his character at all. Why any of them follow that nut job eludes me.


Your talking about Al.

I did like where the story was going with Morgan going back to Alexandria, before the storm. Now I see that “finding” all the crew after is going to be stretched out for the remainder of this Fear season.

I would like to see Morgan go back to TWD although since “I don’t die”, don’t know how they’d get rid of him.


This show frustrates the hell out of me more in the reboot than before.

  • First off, we’re back in a typical TWD plot. All our characters are all split up. It doesn’t matter which show it is, TWD characters can’t stick together for more than 5 minutes.
  • Then you have Alicia taking the twerp that killed her brother to the beach… The fucking beach (or trying to anyway). This is the little girl that shot and killed Nick just a few episodes ago. I don’t get what’s going on but I know if someone shot my brother (on TWD world) I’d pull a Carroll and tell her to “look at the flowers”. (shoot the bitch).
  • Still no main lead. The show is hurting without Madison. I’m not sure WTF happened there and why they “killed” her off. The whole thing was lame. All I’m thinking is that they never showed her actually die and I have a feeling she may make a “surprise” return in the season finale. At least that’s my guess.
  • The old crazy “helping people makes them weak” is such a boring and bad story. She’s not that interesting or fearful.
  • Even worse is the old crazy lady’s weapon. Fucking Zombies on a stick… What the actual fuck??? Does she look strong enough to drag a zombie on a stick around??? All day? Then to fucking sneak up on every trucker with said Zombie on a stick? Like a fucking ninja? No one sees or hears her? She never gets tired of dragging that Zombie on a stick around? These are the types of questions that go through my mind while watching horseshit.
  • Which takes us to when the crippled guy shoots her and threatens to shoot her again. This bitch just unloaded all those LMGs into your truck and it’s TWD universe. Just shoot her. Why would you even think twice?

Ugh. Watching this show makes my head hurt. Don’t writers take common sense into consideration when they write this nonsense?


Your post is exactly why I stopped watching @Lala_Calamari


I’m a sucker for zombie shows so I’ll watch and suffer.


I keep watching hoping it may get gud.


I forgot another thing that makes no sense at all. There is no way a zombie could bite through Jimbo’s denim jacket. Go on and try to bite through denim, it’s not happening. Especially with rotted zombie teeth. Sure, it could bite and would leave a mark and hurt but puncture the denim so the saliva (or how ever the infection spreads)?

Even if in magical TWD-land zombies could bite completely through a denim jacket he would HAVE to know he was bitten. It was a big surprise to everyone that he was bitten. I got the feeling you’re acutely aware of a zombie head pressed against your back chomping away.



I was sitting there thinking, you would damn sure know if you had a massive bite on you. I’ve been lightly bitten by my dog and that shit hurt like crazy, some infected zombie breaking skin and leaving perfect teeth marks (don’t get me started on that) you would know about. This show is becoming just stupid, I hate the new “villain” chick and honestly watching her with the OP zombie on a stick thing was laughable. I just don’t understand where they are going anymore with this.

And I actually hate Morgan more than any other character on either show at this point.


100% agree with that. His personality flip flops more often than @JohnnyHustler on a Reapercast topic.