Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


I don’t think they’ve killed her. Maybe damaged her or have her or maybe forcing her to do something. Or they’ve made Carly do something.

Up until they killed him I thought the flashbacks were because she was dead, but once they killed him…I don’t think so.


I’m liking how they’re doing this season much more than before.


At the beginning of the season I was thinking Madison was dead. After last night’s episode I fully expect her to be alive. Her “death” scene was so much bait.

I’m also so fucking tired of Morgan. He waffles on killing / non-killing more than @JohnnyHustler on the ReaperCast. At this point he’s probably the least interesting character as he’s the most unbelievable one. Plus it’s only a matter of time until we get an episode or two of “Crazy Morgan”, too bad it’s not crazy in the fun, Ha Ha way.


Not sure how much I buy this. Maybe she really is dead in which case we have 1 standing OG cast member. Odd.


I’m annoyed by Morgan also. They really just could have done so much more with him but he’s doing the same thing on a different show. I’d be ok with them killing off Madison and fleshing out the new characters.


Why do they blame Jenna Elfman (forget her character’s name) for all the issues?

Also, how can they be in the car with the girl that screwed them?


It really seems like they’re moving toward merging these shows, with how many they’ve killed off on Fear, crossing Morgan over, and the rumors of both Rick and Maggie leaving the main show. Either that, or they’re killing off the production budgets for both as well.


Well, they borought in a whole new cast for Fear. I still don’t believe they offed Madison. We never saw her die, she could still have a “hide under the dumpster” moment. You can’t trust TV deaths if you don’t see a body.

As for the interviews, they could just be a red herring. Killing off two main characters like that so quickly seems crazy.


Well, if it’s not a red herring, then we have the last proof that they’re just doing random shit now.


My original thoughts too, until they confirmed it on Talking Dead. Either they’re all fucked up and in on it, or she’s dead.


Who knows. You would think the series lead would go out in a bigger blaze of glory during the season finale.





Lmao! I’m Suprised he didn’t draw a penis on his face too!


Still shocks me they are continuing this show. They basically rebooted it in the middle of the season and really left us with the least interesting member of the original family. I guess they figured more Walking Dead = more money. I was just hoping this wasn’t just going to be the same thing as The Walking Dead which sadly is what it has become.

I’ll still watch it as I like zombies, I just was hoping for a different angle on this story.


You’re a dick. You couldn’t have waited 24 hours to re-post. Now you’re just being mean.


Sorry, must have you blocked.


I thought Nick was the most interesting character. Madison was never that believable. Morgan on this show is meh, maybe if they make him go crazy again it will get better.

That girl (Madison’s daughter) is annoying to watch as she is playing the whiny, revenge, I’m so mad character. If the show writers maybe developed her a better story like, the beginnings of a female psychopath, similar to where Chris was going before.

Strand use to be interesting but he is becoming bland now.

Every time I see that hurricane promo with zombies flying away I laugh at how stupid it looks.


I’m guessing Morgan is gonna be back in time to say goodbye to Rick.