Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


Season 3 just ended and it was a pretty solid season. Some surprise deaths all throughout. Even some nasty moments during the season. The part when Alicia has to euthanize bitten people was a bit rough.

At some point I’d like to see Strand get the upper hand and win. He’s supposed to be this wicked con man but always seems to be a step behind.

Also surprised at what they did to the brothers during the season. The one was sort of just killed, then I expected the other to stick around a bit longer. He was dispatched rather unceremoniously, so much so that I expected him to come back at the very end.

I guess we get the regular series back next week?


Yes, TWD starts season 8 on Sunday.

Also, seeing a lot of rumors that Abraham will be seen next season on FTWD.


I’ve heard this, but I’ve aLeo heard Rosita and Madison on TWD…so, who knows


I think bringing a cast member from Fear to TWD is a bad idea, because it paints the Fear writers in a corner. However, the opposite wouldn’t because Fear is from an earlier time period in the breakout than the original.


I need to watch 2nd half of past season still.


Yes, but I heard Fear was only going 5 seasons. So, 8t could be good for a character like Madison or Alicia to go off somewhere and then show up, presumably years later as Alpha.


I can’t stand Madison.


I completely gave up on this show I think in the 2nd season. I had hopes initially as I thought it was going to be at the very beginning of shit going down but they rushed right into the end of the world. Shit I barely care about TWD anymore let alone two shows that are meh.


So full of hate. And you have the balls to talk about me. Hate Discovery, hate TWD. Shame.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of pre-zombie world. I was hoping we’d actually see cities collapse. Maybe even get some hint as to how or why it all started. They breezed through that just way too quickly and now have really caught up to where TWD is now. Which is a shame. Not sure they needed to have two shows that are basically the same.

That said, this season of Fear the Walking Dead was pretty good even if the season ending seemed rushed with the Proctors.


I stuck it out with this show mostly because my wife wanted to watch it. I am a Walking Dead fan. This show was just something to watch when The Walking Dead was not on to me. The first two seasons of Fear TWD I was pretty negative about it. I did not care really if any of the characters lived or died, and most of them annoyed me, or were just plain stupid. This past season they kicked it into gear at least and there is some action and feuding going on. I enjoyed it a lot more than previous seasons. The final episode I have mixed feelings about. A lot of it was good, but some of it was cheesy or rushed as Lala said.

I do agree that it would have been nice to see more about what happened before the apocalypse and the beginning stages of it.




So it’s going to be a time jump to get Morgan there. I’m not sure how long it’d take Morgan to walk from Atlanta (are they still in that area?) to LA / Mexico (where ever FTWD will take place this season).


I think its going to be after Rick leaves him and before now. Not, after whats going on now.


It’s in Texas.



They started in LA, then hit Mexico and I lost track. Even still I would bet it’s closer to California than Georgia (or wherever TWD) takes place. That’s a huge walk in a zombie filled world.


I’m aware, in that trailer they’re in Texas.


TWD started in Tennessee and ended up in Atlanta before heading north to Virginia. Current comics takes part of the group thru Pitt and into Ohio.


Wow… Big time episode.

1 Major Death and I think one being foreshadowed.

The two timelines and I’m curious to see what hell the Vultures put people through (Strand’s hand). Why was Nick so pissed off at El Camino guy? I think I know why. The Checkov’s Gun (blue flowers) is foreshadowing another person’s death. That field where Nick and Madison is full of blue flowers. I’m guessing the Vultures murder Madison there and that’s what set’s Nick off. Have we seen Madison in the newer timezone?

If that’s the case then Alicia will be the only original character left from the family. Her and Strand being really the only 2 left from the original cast. Pretty bold move.

BTW, I’m so fucking tired of Morgan. He’s probably the most annoying character on TV at this point.


You don’t think they may wind up merging the two shows eventually, do you?

And I agree on how they’ve portrayed Morgan. It’s too bad, because they have way too good an actor in Lennie James for how shitty they’ve written his part with the exception of the episode “Clear” that they aired right before they brought him back permanently.