Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


So instead of getting the payoff of Madison leaving Celia in there with the zombies, the other dude goes in there and burns the place down.


And to add as I think about it, Nick seems to have easy access to guts at the ready anytime he needs it. If (as both TWD and FTWD have shown) all you need is guts why the hell wouldn’t you just live your life slathered in that stuff anytime you venture out?


Stupidest people ever. Let’s get hammered before making sure all is completely secured.


This is a guide on how NOT to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Get drunk and ignore potential threat. Check
Get drunk and make all the noise. Check
Get drunk and attract all the zombies. Check.
Take shower(and not show said shower) and while unsure of location. Check.
Steal a cookie from the Mexican Cartel and almost get hand chopped off. Check.
Lose Multi million dollar Yacht. Check

Anything else?


Just watched, see what ya’ll mean. That cartel guy should have cut his hand off, I find that very unrealistic, but this is just fodder until real show starts in Oct.


I yell every time how they the people all left in this world should die horribly. It is apparently well known to wipe zombie blood on you but then people don’t do it!

Also the lady yells at Nick in Spanish even on that death bus then all of a sudden they all start speaking English.


Ya, the show is definitely inconsistent even within it’s own universe. I could not understand how, at the beginning, all those people were watching that guy get eaten and all those zombies were not beating down that chainlink fence. Like every other time in the TWD universe. I agree with what the rest of you guys said and am basically still watching each week not really because I want to know what happens but to see what other insanely dumb things these characters do. Also, the pharmacist was definitely not bit by a zombie, probably a dog since there seem to be so many running around.


Why is the bite all dark and fucked up though? I’m hoping this show offers something different or some sort of insight to a cure. Otherwise we’re in a shitty version of the OG Show with characters we do not care for.

It’s a shame they didn’t start this show with Patient zero. At the very start.


Good point. I just think that the Pharm is using being bit by a zombie as a lie to keep his power with his little cult alive. The only reason these people look to him as a leader is because they believe in what might be a lie. That is at least what I am thinking. It would be cool if they actually had some insight towards a cure.

It is a damn shame there wasn’t more about how the virus started. I figured that’s what this show would have been about or at least hinted towards at some point.


Killer Chris strikes again, seems like his character story is mirrowing Carl a little too much. I would like if the writers take it in a diff. direction, like “how to become a psychopath” starring Chris.


Anyone other than me still watch this show?

That episode 2 death… Just seems so odd and random. I’m all for main characters dying on shows like this but this was just lame.

Other than that I enjoyed the 2 episodes. The experimentation was nasty. Surprised people went that route so fast.


We watch, I am at the point with it I am not sure why I still watch other than I feel invested into it and keep waiting for something awesome. Travis’ death was just lame, I feel like there is more to come with it but there is no way he is alive so it’s probably some ham-handed “random” zombie Travis encounter or something.

The thing that annoys me most is their group cannot fucking get along with anyone else. Ever.


I do still watch, and I have the two episodes recorded…just have been too busy to watch.

Now that Gotham is done I can catch up.


He’s going to be in all the Avatar movies so I guess he had to bail on this. It’s ok that he died but damn, make it interesting. Not some random stray bullet. Seems pointless.

The remainder need to figure shit out better. Madison is no Rick Grimes even though they make her out to be that at the end of the show when she threatens to take the place.

The druggie kid is more annoying than GRG. Puts everyone at risk because he’s a “rebel”. Fuck him.


The show just wrapped up their mid season finale. The season was pretty good but more on the human vs human battles than actual zombies. In fact zombies weren’t really that relevant in the past 8 episodes.

One thing of note is it is now confirmed to be a Global epidemic. Strand was on his short wave and got a cosmonaut from the space station. He confirmed that the lights are out across the globe. Strand thought it was just North America.


I want Madisson to die. Badly.


The whole family is annoying, Travis was the only likable character. But he went off to Avatar land to chase that Disney money.


Yeah I agree. I do like the world wide aspect but I’m just tired of the family showing up, stirring shit that gets everyone killed then moving on. Joanie from Deadwood needs to go.


The human vs. human aspect of this entire half season was a nice change, the shit they survived the previous seasons was ridiculous as you’ve all agreed. Wild Dogs, Zombie Hordes, Hotel from Hell and that church scene.

The Strand story line is by far the best based only on the fact of his sordid past and obvious misdeeds along the way.

Sheriff Unser and his boys were a nice addition this season…


I know it’s just a theory, but it is all over and seems to be getting more steam.