Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


I will keep watching but it is bit of a drag for me right now. Since we all are accustomed to The Walking Dead and how to survive it is tough to watch this group constantly make dumb decisions. If there wasn’t TWD and we as a viewer didn’t know any better, it may work more effectively.


The drug addict kid is this series Coral. Annoying as fuck. (reminds me of @TexasReaperCrew)


Hey dammit I’m clean these days.


I mean annoying as fuck.


Last night’s episode was decently good. Is it a requirement to have an annoying, whiny, character (Chris) in every episode? Looks like crew is gonna leave Strand dead in the water soon.


Yeah it still wasn’t great, but last night was at least better than the others. And Strand doing that at the end was a nice touch showing he is doing what he wants.


What Strand did was harsh. Almost what I’d love to do to GRG on a daily basis.

I’m not sure if I missed a few episodes of the plane show. I was surprised to see it crashed. Poor kid is fucked all burnt up. Anyone think we’ll be seeing them again? I can’t imagine they’d go to all that trouble to show their story just to have them cast off as throwaways. Maybe just to show how shitty the world is now?? Also, was the kid the same actor as the kid on the plane? I wonder if they had him burned up to disguise the fact it’s a different actor (it may not be, just thought it odd they’d focus on him so much in the plane episodes just to have him lie around all burnt and shit).


I thought I had seen all of them but never saw the plane crash.


That plane was the plane that the druggie saw last season crashing while sitting on the roof, wasn’t it? I thought that was just the story of that plane crash.


No it may be the same plane but it is flight 462 that was that web series and shown during TWD commercial breaks.


Whole lot of waiting around for that dude to not realize his brother was now a zombie.


Or the stupid mini episodes to build up that chick on the plane as some “bad” guy now.

And why didn’t the mom pull out the 9mm right from the start? Or after the scuffle broke out? Shooting the guy that’s fighting your husband seems like a good idea.


Best thing about those mini episodes is according to IMDB she had a different name in the mini ones and then they changed it to Alex. And wasn’t she throwing people off the raft who tried to hurt that kid? Which means she did the same thing to protect him.

I still am watching though every week I question why.


The last few episodes have been pretty cool. It just feels like something is actually happening now. I’m thinking Madison didn’t use the gun because she didn’t want to alert the rest of the group. I thought the one guy said there were 5 boats worth of guys. I could be wrong.


It feels like a retarded season one of the regular series.


I like how they have the one kid going down a dark path but do we really need another Herschel’s barn?


Of course. And next season, you’ll meet a new bad guy - The Mayor.


Mid season finale review. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


No shit, that’s what really pushed me over the edge (other than the bland story and shitty actors). They basically recreated a Mexican TWD. The kid is Carl, the mom is Hershel (with keeping zombies alive or dead, whatever they are).

Then the old man going crazy out of the blue. Or the Dad just leaving the compound with no shoes, or telling his wife, and staying out of the compound with his son. Or the Son that is now evil incarnate. Or the Druggie that loves covering himself with Zombie blood to be amongst zombies.

Just bad.


It really wasn’t out of the blue. He been hearing voices and seeing things all season, basicly leading to this moment. In all honesty the hallicunations just allowed him to do what he really wanted to do anyway.

I think overall it was pretty good except for Nick. I felt liked he been one of the better characters for the show but for this episode it felt like they wrecked him. Most of the crap he did this episode made no sense to me with his character.