Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)


Now we’re really at the start of the Walking Dead when Rick woke up. Not really sure how this show will differ from that.


Way behind on this show. There is a web series also that takes place on a airplane.


According to the writers, we’re still a month or so before Rick wakes up.so, I guess we’ll see what happens.


I need to check that out.


I thought this series would give us more backstory maybe to what caused this infection that just “happens” out of nowhere. It doesn’t so that is disappointing to me, goes from 2 episodes of normal to zombie outbreak.

The series feels like fodder for people wanting the real WD. The 2nd season is supposed to be centered around being on that yaht so that could be a storyline we haven’t seen yet.


I didn’t want the end of the world just yet. We have that with Rick and Co. We all knew they’d never tell us how it happened or started but I was hoping for more info or at least more build up to the end of times.

I guess the show is about the struggles of a normal family as they attempt to survive. We’re all used to Rick, Daryl and Michone that kick ass without even thinking about it. Now we get to see a school teacher adapt to those ways.


This was part of the early seasons of TWD as well, though. The family dynamic devolved as the world did, which I think you’re going to see here. The spin-off felt like overkill, with more characters I wasn’t crazy about. I still didn’t like Travis at the end, and Nick was only starting to grow on me. I’m wondering if they’re going to set up Strand to be a Governor like character.

I’ll give season two a shot, because I really enjoy the TWD universe overall, but overall, I have to agree with deSoldier - it’s just more episodes of TWD to fill in the gaps, with different style characters.


I think for most of us that are fans of the comics and read them before the show started are gonna have a harder time getting into the new characters. Going into the original I was already a Rick and Morgan fan. Them adding Daryl and Merle made the original even better.

That being said I am only on episode 3 of FTWD ,I think, so I have some catching up to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets cut though.


That’s just it. TWD already rotates out people like crazy. People come and go (die) all the time. Having another show in the very same mold really doesn’t make sense. At this point I’m not sure where they differentiate between the two shows.


I didn’t read the comics until season 3, so I’m going off of how I felt about these six episodes vs going into the first 6 of TWD without knowing a thing about the comics. That said, it still just didn’t grip me like TWD did at first. I don’t feel like it’s going to be an unbearable wait until we see what happens next like I did with the original.


I think the only way to differentiate is to have the other show chronicle how someone who was mildly successful and otherwise decent turns into a power mad prick, and how that affects the group within. In other words, show how a community like Woodbury turned out the way it did.


After the last episode, there was Talking Dead for FTWD. One point mentioned that could connect the two series somehow was noting Madison’s southern accent, whilst living in LA. The executive producer specifically mentioned this so there could be some intertwining of stories with TWD characters.


Don’t know if anybody watched but zzzz. Let’s watch them on a boat for an hour. Will still continue watching though


I just think its funny that everybody thinks they can tell Strand what to do on his yacht. Swim if you dont like it, bitch! Strand is pretty much the only interesting character in the show for me just because of his motives. He did have that yacht on the ready. I will watch just to find out whats up with him.


I watched it. I wanted to beat my head on the coffee table with Chris being a whiny bi%ch, & daughter with CB radio. I think if the crew went to Hawaii that would be a cool show, but they won’t I can see the future with this series and it is going to be lame.


I was already still angry from last week’s TWD finale and then wasted 45 minutes with this. Could have been quality TESO double XP time instead.


I stopped mid season the first season from the sounds of it there is no reason to catch up.


I will at least say that the girl talking on the CB radio would be expected since this is towards the beginning of the end where someone could be naive to think all the living are there for each other.


Stupid drug addict kid fucked up the Ranger families gig. They had a pretty sweet thing going on with that island and it seemed to be fenced in (not sure if they were completely fenced in). All they had to do was worry about that vacation place. They had electric, water and food.


Are we to assume that the mother killed the husband? He was staying in the room to kill them I thought but she was walking on the pier so I guess she crunched his brains.

They had a sweet set up, they should just stay there, but it can never be that easy, get back on the boat and sail around to where, Mexico, okay.