Fallout 76 Megathread



I like his live stuff better these days. I get some of his arguments on FO76, but my biggest complaint is that he’s dipping into the same well in reviews a little too often. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the same “You fucked up!” review template about 5 or 6 times since his Destiny 2 review. Or maybe it started with Batman v Superman.


Patch available today.
Around 3GB for consoles and 36MB for PC - can download it now.

Servers currently down for maintenance.
Unclear when they will come back.

Patch notes below.



Servers are back.


Right when I have to leave to pick up my daughter. I’ve been checking the last 3 hours


This is the biggest new bug I’ve heard mentioned so far, since the patch dropped today.



Just bought fallout bout to download it if any @PS4Players want to show me the ropes later on this evening


Hit me up when you get on… I havent played since the latest update/patch so I need to head back into the wasteland!


Will do I’m bout to hop on and check it out for a bit after I bake my cinnamon rolls


Welp, now I want cinnamon rolls…


Make em it only takes 2 hours lol


Don’t know how, sure I don’t have the ingredients and most importantly I am by no means a baker.


I baked a cinnamon roll apple and blueberry pie



This makes me tempted to at least go back on to build a decent base.

Shame I’m in no way creative though.
I championed mud hut in Minecraft.


Same as soon as I saw it I wanted to jump in game and start looking for a neat place. I probably will some time between now and Christmas.



So next patch is a month away?

Not ideal since there’s still some annoying bugs to be fixed.



That’s pretty cool. Fallout OG is probably one of the toughest games I had ever played.