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Fallout 76 Megathread



I played for the first time yesterday - I really enjoyed the game. I ran into plenty of people, however for the most part just explored solo to see what it’s all about.

I must say I’m kind of excited for a co-op Fallout game though, as a fan of much of the Fallout series (although 4 had a hard time keeping my interest for some reason) I think I will definately be spending some time in this game.


I hope the day one patch isn’t another 30 GB lol.


I’ll be passing on it.



So who is getting this on PC??


I am. Should make a poll.


Only realised today that I have to “learn” (read) all the recipes and plans I’ve picked up to actually be able to use them in crafting.

Had about 30 in my inventory doing sweet FA.


Use bobble heads also.


I thought they were single-use and time-limited buffs?


I didn’t really pay attention to what they did. I just know I went into my inventory on the 2nd or 3rd beta and had Bobbleheads from the 1st beta and they had a use option.


I played a little FO4 last night, intended to roam around and explore but loading my save reminded me that I’d just enabled some mods and scrapped my entire base, so I set about creating a new one instead.

Snapping structure items is still just as fiddly, supposedly that’s better in FO76 but I haven’t yet tried.
Wonder if there are any mods that improve that…



It only just occurred to me that with co-op we can now optimise builds towards specific perks/roles rather than trying to do everything whilst still retaining that repertoire as a team.

Like you can split hacking, lockpicking, different weapon types, CQC…


Question that I have and I’m sure it’s already been stated somewhere, but… If you’re in a group with a compound/community, do you have to have someone there all the time? Or defenses up 24/7? If no one is online, will it get raided and dismantled by other people? It’s one of my big questions about the co-op co-habitation in the game


Whoever drops the C.A.M.P owns the “compound”. When that person leaves the server so does their C.A.M.P. If you help build on their C.A.M.P. it’s still theirs.

No offline raiding so nothing to worry about there. Also the only thing that can be stolen is Junk. They can’t take anything else.

IMO they should just drop PVP. IMO they have PVP cause as we have seen in the beta people will fly through the content and get bored and PVP will keep some people playing. The gun play of this game isn’t made for PVP.


Plus the features they’re included to try and stop people from being constantly getting ganked have somewhat hamstrung it.

Slightly different rules apply to the Workshops that you can claim.




Got up to lvl 21 in the beta. Had to duke it out with a prick on claiming a workshop. Unsure about you all, but I kind of like the lack of NPCs. Was a chore having to run around the map dealing with them in 4.


I have said the same thing. With it being co-op this keeps things moving. Holotapes can be rough to listen to if your party is talking but there are ways to make it enjoyable.


We have an incredible list of updates we’ve begun work on – from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more.