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Fallout 76 Megathread



It says in the link below you can fast travel to friends at any time. Also, there is group chat and proximity voice chat coming, but wasn’t in the build GamesRadar played.


Was just reading on article on the B.E.T.A. and game launch.

So as most know you must preorder to get the BETA access…and progress will carry over to launch game…
What I learned today is PC player will be good to go come launch day…
Xbox Players will have to redownload the “Launch Day” release of the Game. The BETA download will not transfer over, just the save file progress.

If anyone else has heard differ…please post.


I have the beta installing now. Timing is actually good so I will get to play. Hopefully will be able to play all 4 hours but probably a shit show. If you bought physical you got a code you entered on the Bethesda site. If they didn’t email you can find that code under transaction history on the Bethesda site.

Beta is 43.47 GB.


Tempting to preorder for Xbox too, just for the beta access, then cancel.
I’ve already pre-ordered it for PS4 but our beta window is another week away.

Especially since the beta periods are short time windows.


Have Beta downloaded, ready to squad up on xbox, tomorrow.


Interactive map…


Ok this is a curveball I wasn’t expecting…

it’s a radio station called Hunter/Hunted which you can access via your Pip-Boy. Whenever you tune into Hunter/Hunted, you receive an assassination target and you’re marked for assassination yourself. Only Hunter/Hunted listeners can be selected as targets, but the person you’re hunting isn’t necessarily the person hunting you, so it’s more of a round robin-style deathmatch.

That actually sounds pretty cool. Could you imagine hunting down your target and the guy hunting you shows up at the same time? This could create some pretty cool tense moments. Bonus it’s completely optional and the rewards are good.


PVP Guide…


I like how they put in some effort to allow players to (somewhat) opt out, without making PvP an entirely separate mode.


Sounding more and more every interesting. I just wish beta was open. I don’t feel like going to Game Stop to put down $5 to get a beta code.


They could do an open beta in the future.
Given the timing windows and their comments about the closed one, it seems more like server testing / stress testing.


Who all is doing the beta tonight?




Wow those rads kick in hard and fast.
Good to see.

I wonder how long until you can more safely explore these irradiated areas, or whether you’ll need high rad-resis and supplies to cope.


Just got my BETA code and redeemed on the PSN store.
Will start the download shortly.

Just the preload for now.

EDIT: 95 GB! Yowzah.


I just got my code earlier as well. I will be ready!


Just pre-ordered on xbox


Might get in for the beta window today?


Haven’t gotten a code yet.