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Fallout 76 Megathread



Well that actually sounds like a good idea. I’m guessing the quests will be similar to wow.




How did they not have the game systems blueprinted out a long time ago? I mean c’mon, give an experienced guy this task and make it his job to keep up with the rest of the development to make sure it fits correctly.

It makes me wonder if they’ve even had alpha testers playing.

Just don’t think that’s something you want to sort out one month before you turn people loose, It actually sounds like the exact wrong way to do it.

They run the risk of alienating the fallout sp fans and the survival fans at the same time, lol. I have a feeling this game will have very mixed reviews from players like all the other survival games.

All that being said, I am Jack’s sniveling interest.

edit: i just watched it again and that quote that guy pulls up and says is an “official response” has no source. Couldn’t google it either.


It comes from this article from Game Informer at the beginning of September.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. You can’t loot from their stashes according to this, and if you take fruits and veggies from plants at their base, it’s a crime. That’s a lot like the karma system in current Fallout games.


I for one am liking what I am seeing. Their look on PVP in a survival game is fresh and something I think will please the masses. Not sure if you watched the video I posted on PVP @fawkernot but it lays out how PVP probably works and that you can’t steal weapons,armor, etc. The only thing you can steal is junk. Junk is an item you get over time while adventuring to build things. If you get killed you drop your junk. If your base gets raided all they can take is stuff you are growing and probably junk. If you kill or steal you are marked a criminal on the map and a bounty is put on your head. They turned antitrolling into a game mechanic and I think it’s great.


It’s the whole “still figuring it out” that kinda baffles me.


At this point, that just seems to come with the survival game genre. Until you get lots of players on it, you can’t anticipate what can happen with game mechanics. All the testing in the world never seems to uncover what one user out in the field will discover to mess up the whole works.


Yeah, I keep thinking it to be the first AAA dev (AFAIK) taking a crack at survival, but I guess it is still survival with all it’s unknowns where the rubber meets the road.


Just for the sake of argument I don’t see that quote from the video in the article you linked.

But I get what you guys are saying, and I agree it looks like it’s going to be a good game. As I said in discord I thought it might have been all ironed out as they are a AAA dev (the first I believe to do this genre), but I see your point on how this is how survival games go.


It’s the 8th paragraph under “Rebuilding America”. It’s near the end of the write up.


Bad keyword search on my part. I stand corrected.


I had to do a couple of searches, then saw he had sourced it in the info of the video, you have to hit show more to see it.


Yup, right there. I actually did hit that but guess I glossed right over it.

The other thing that he mentioned was being able to pop your powersuit into your backpack, like if it runs out of gas. I brought it up in discord and @D1G1TALC1PHERS had mentioned he thought they might some kind of encumbrance
to carry it.

I get the “it’s just a game,” thing but I was a little suprised they went that route with it.


There has to be some sort of inventory hit. It would be a mistake not to.


I agree.

But being able to carry it at all seems a little weird. I would be interested to know why those chose to do that.



Console exclusives suck.


Yup. I hate them, even when they’re on a console I have.


I can see how this can be a lonely game. I am getting a NMS feeling in that you maybe in a session by yourself or with 1 or two other people but spaced really far apart.

I am curious how grouping with friends is going to play. Not sure if its been answered but can you collaborate on buildings with friends?