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Fallout 76 Megathread


  • Server will support 24-32 players
  • Dynamic events
  • Public workshops claimable by groups
  • Deep crafting system - Mods, ammo,food,water, power, and more
  • You have to eat and drink but not a huge burden
  • Map divided into 6 areas each with unique biomes and challenges
  • Dynamic weather - Rad storms!
  • Dynamic lighting, subsurface scattering, complex creature animations
  • Player mutations - unlock certain traits with pros and cons temporary but can be made more permanent and there is cures
  • Leveling up unlocks perk cards which you can only have a certain amount equipped. They can be sold to other players. Possible robot vendor you can setup.
  • Activating nuke missiles is an endgame activity which results in the bombed area’s fauna and flora to become irradiated and therefore spawn higher level drops and materials
  • To combat PvP griefing, there’ll be Wanted levels for aggressive players, while an emote wheel and voice chat will help with communication.
  • Free DLC for years

Yup I am getting this.


Hell yeah! Im so stoked. November can’t come soon enough!






Man this game is gonna be badass. Can’t wait





It’s well known at this point that Sony is the behind the block to crossplay between the PlayStation 4 and other consoles, something Shawn Layden says they’re currently examining. Sony has business reasons for not wanting crossplay (though their Epic account locks are certainly a lot more debatable), but for the most part, publishers have stepped back from involving themselves in the argument. Epic’s method of pointing to Sony is to put a message in the Switch version of Fortnite telling customers not to contact Epic. Psyonix says they could turn it on in a day if Sony allowed them. Few large publishers seem to really want to talk about it outloud.

In a video interview with German website, Bethesda Games Studio’s director and executive producer Todd Howard is directly asked about crossplay for this year’s Fallout game, Fallout 76. “We would love to do that,” Howard said, “but right now that’s not possible.” Howard pauses for a second, then begins “Sony isn’t being as helpful as we want them to be.”

It’s not clear if there will be crossplay between either console and the PC for that matter, but as of right now, it is definitely not happening between the two console versions themselves. Fallout 76 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14.



GRG Private Server = 24 hour Spawn Killing


I’m still on the fence. Never played the others really.


Fallout 76 Beta Comes to Xbox First This October

Bethesda games are affectionately, and sometimes not-so-affectionately, known for their bugs, glitches and overall interesting launch states. With Fallout 76, Bethesda is giving players the option to “break it early” with an October B.E.T.A, or Break It Early Test Application. The beta will be available to players who pre-order Fallout 76 and will be coming to Xbox One first, according to a tweet from Bethesda.

Specific dates for the beta are yet to be announced, but October is the month to look out for. There’s also asmall FAQ for those with additional concerns about pre-ordering or redeeming a beta code. Fallout 76 launches November 14th.





Seems like a slightly strange approach.
I wonder if the BETA is more like Early Access, or whether it will end after a period of time?


Yeah that sounds more like early access to me.


New information out of Quake Con 2018.


The game’s inclusion of nuclear weapons prompted a flurry of questions after the initial announcement, with some players concerned they could be used by trolls; Bethesda later clarified that nukes could only be used on certain areas and that players would be warned in advance, as well as revealing that nuked areas would receive more valuable loot (as well as more dangerous enemies). Now it seems that players will need to earn the right to use these weapons by playing through the game’s main quest, which is described as “a lengthy, multi-part story that takes players across West Virginia” and will require a high level to complete.