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Fallout 76 Megathread



Fallout 76 drops November 14th 2018


I’m ready!


Co op fallout…i am def in on this


nice fallout survival should be sweet.


Looks enough Destiny mixed with survival that I’m in. Also the monsters look creepy as hell.


There was never any doubt I would be in for this. I have pre-ordered the Power Armor Edition so I am a happy vault-dweller.

I think if you pre-order you are also in for the B.E.T.A (Break-it Early Test Application) :slight_smile:


so humanity learned nothing from near extinction.

go get more nukes and kill your rivals…


Can I just get a nuke to hit GRG’s web server?




Soooo…who is playing on pc and who is console???


Console first for me.


Console only for me. Really wanted to say I finally watched video in OP and damn it looks fun. Can’t wait


damn, gonna try to resist buying on both


Probably starting on console…but damn if I don’t want this on PC.


This may or may not be the first Fallout game I get.



Lala lies thread.




I hedged, I have an out. I’ve learned from @JohnnyHustler’s mistakes.


The coop does it for me. I love FO games, but if there is enough things to do besides build settlements this will be a must buy for me.