Fallout 4 Features Original Songs By Wonder Woman Actress Lynda Carter

One of my fondest memories from Fallout 3 was repairing the Galaxy News Radio relay dish and giving Three Dog a way to howl throughout the capital wasteland. Music is an important part of the Fallout franchise, and that’s no different for next week’s new installment.

Bethesda announced today that musician, voice actor, and Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter is contributing five songs to Fallout 4. Her character, Magnolia, performs songs from after the bombs dropped in the town of Goodneighbor.

One of these, appropriately named “Good Neighbor,” is available to listen to now. Carter says that she may incorporate these original tunes into her performance repertoire.

For those in the audience who aren’t familiar with Fallout, the references to caps and mutants might still go unnoticed as the song is laced with double entendre. You’ll be able to meet Magnolia in Goodneighbor and hear her songs on Diamond City Radio on November 10 when Fallout 4 arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

You can listen to “Good Neighbor” on Bethesda’s website.