EzekielJP has been promoted to GRG Team Lead!


I just wanted to give a heads up about the newest GRG staff member, @ezekielJP . EzekielJP will be helping GRG organize the XBox Destiny group along with whatever other games he’s into. Look for him and @valiantvictory to improve the activities for Destiny groups. I’m sure we’ll continue to see that side grow with the upcoming Forsaken DLC.

Any questions or ideas please feel free to hit up @ezekielJP (or any staff member).




We have had alot of growth in D2 of late and its so great to have some more help organizing the cool stuff we have been doing.


Maybe you 2 can sort out a D2 Tournament.


Welcome @ezekielJP to the other side.


16? 4v4 round robin 2 game playin then brakets…just get your games in during the week…we post scores/results…love it…maybe stream last 2 matches…that would bring out the big PvP guns


Pro Tip…

GRG tourneys need to start and finish in the same night. Trust me on this one. I have made this mistake over and over and over again. Tourneys spaced out over a week or longer never get completed.

Also congrats @ezekielJP you sucker!


Congrats @ezekielJP or is it commiseration?! :rofl::joy:


Thanks guys!


Congrats @ezekielJP!


Congrats @ezekielJP HR has already received your signed contract in blood so there is no escaping it now!


Congrats ezekiel !


Congrats and good luck


Dumbass… I mean congrats!


You know that you have to give LaLa 3 handies a week now. Congrats to new position


Congratulations…sort of


Oh… @ezekielJP … what have you done???