Extra Life 2020 and BBQ Sauce info

Thanks @beers_and_leafs and @BalekFekete!
Shoot me over your mailing address in a PM.

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Donated, looks like your hitting all the milestones this year

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— just to keep everyone in the same page, the habanero and ghost peppers are fermenting right now and I plan to have the sauce out to folks around “Game Day” on Saturday Nov 7th.

Thanks for all the support!!


Just letting everyone know Extra Life game day is under a month away. If you are interested in the BBQ sauce get your orders in this week.

My plan is to stream a few hours Friday Nights and Saturday Afternoons as we hit the home stretch. I’ll likely go over 24 hours total, compared to doing one solid shot, but more opportunities to raise money #ForTheKids and stir up interest in a great charity event.

Friday October 23rd (shooting for 10pm EST to 1am EST)
Saturday October 24th (TBD) - this should be the first “Challenge” stream where I try to knock out all of the milestones I’ve already hit.

Friday October 30th (roughly 10pm EST to 1am EST)
Saturday October 31st (TBD - Probably very late)

Friday November 6th (roughly 6pm EST to 2am EST)
Saturday November 7th ( 10am EST to 10pm EST) - Official Game Day!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!



If I can afford to donate I absolutely will


Thanks Man - absolutely no pressure. Game Day is Nov 7th, but the fund raising campaign runs through Dec. 31.