Extra Life 2020 and BBQ Sauce info

Hello Potato Nation!!!

It’s that time of year again as I gear up for my annual Extra Life marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle Hospital Network and look to make a large-scale batch of my “World Famous” BBQ sauce (well at least GRG Famous) and you all get to benefit while donating to a very worthy cause.

As in past years I’ve added incentives for GRG members to contribute to my EL fundraiser. For those that are new, this money goes directly to my local hospital (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) and I cover the production and shipping cost of the sauce.

I make a “Hot” variety with Jalapeno and Habanero along with a “Super Hot” with Ghost Peppers and a higher concentration of Habanero. I’ll link to past threads about heat, quality, etc… (here)
Feedback from 2016/2018/2019 - BBQ Sauce

$30 - Single (1) ~18 oz bottle of sauce shipped to you (either variety)
$50 - Single (1) ~32 oz bottle of a single flavor sauce or (1) ~18 oz bottle of each flavor (if requested)
$75 - Your choice of ~50 oz (any size/flavor combination)
$100 or above - let’s have a conversation about what you want


@GrumpyInUt, @Grex, @h2daddy, @SoInZane, @Claude505, @Lala_Calamari and various others. Here is the thread for 2020. Feel free to tag or add anyone who might be interested.




Donated. Trust me guys, if you haven’t tried this before, you need to give it a try. Good stuff.




I’m sure you’ll hit your goal of $500 this year.


I probably will Kraig, but I wasn’t sure how high to set it.



Donated! I’ll be hitting you up for some more BBQ sauce as well.

Thank You @SoInZane!!

donated the other day too

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Appreciate all the folks who have contributed up to this point. It’s all for the kids!!!

My goal is work on the next batch of sauce over the holiday weekend and have it out towards the end of September.

Those of you who want sauce PM me with your preference and confirm your physical mailing address.


I’m going to do more streaming this year running up to the November event date, so I’ve come up with a few milestones for my fundraising. I can also leverage incentives for the general public since I’m not putting my BBQ sauce out on the general EL site.

You all know that I love spicy food and BBQ so I was trying to marry the two together for big milestones.

Any thoughts for entertaining things for a stream?

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Get the drum smoker nice and hot and smokey. Jump in. Seal it up. I’d be entertained.

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Just a little bump to get this back up top.

Game Day is Saturday November 7th, 2020 but I’ll be streaming a few 4-6 hour chunks in the weekends leading up to Game Day because 24 Hours straight with a 16-Month Old is not feasible.

Secondly - I need to thank you all for your donations and support spreading the word for me. Our local Phoenix Chapter of Extra Life (Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation) had small incentive for August fundraising. They gave away a $75 Game Stop GC, $50 Amazon GC and $50 First Watch GC (local brunch spot) for the participants who raised the most money. I’m humbled to say I was that person with $550 raised between Aug 4th and Sept 8th. I couldn’t have imagined I’d reach my original $500 goal in one month, let alone continue to smash it and readjust my target.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use these GCs during my streams as raffle giveaway or incentives.

Thanks again Potato Nation. @Lala_Calamari, @Grex, @Claude505, @SoInZane, @koldfront_kraig, @h2daddy and @valiantvictory I know you guys pulled the trigger early! Not sure if I missed anyone but honestly “Thank You”!

There is still plenty of time left for people to contribute so don’t be shy sharing my links on the socials. Any little bit helps. Especially if they want BBQ sauce.


Shit, I forgot about this.

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Thanks @beers_and_leafs! Your Loonies and Toonies are much appreciated.

That’s really awesome man and for a great cause!

And anyone who hasn’t tried the bbq sauce… you’re missing out.

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Donated and sendin’ the Super Hot to the son stuck at Temple U. :wink:

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